Monday, May 26, 2014

Flowers in May: Lolita Flora Editorial

At the dawn of Spring I did a shoot with a talented little crew of ladies, and enjoyed the blossoming of the season in the whimsical hills of Berkeley. I created an editorial around a small collection of dresses, embellished with silk flowers. Shoot day was every bit as dreamy as I had imagined... our team was truly full of magic, and enchanted with flower power. If you would like to purchase clothing from this editorial it can be found for sale in my etsy.


Photographer: Regina Marie
Model: Neon Lolita
MU/Hair: Becky Brazier
Wardrobe Stylist: Kaytee Papusza
Wardrobe Designer: Papusza Couture
Flower Crowns: Katie Burley Millinery
Jewelry: Taxil Hoax

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sending Love Letters to NYC in Spring | A Fairytale in Photos by Ashley Garner

As many of you know, my love affair with NYC has been going on for about 8 years now, since 2006 when I decided I was going to move to Brooklyn. At the time I was ripe, eager, in my early 20's and as I would have said back in that day; "Ready to take the bull by the balls." After living there for about 5 years I peaced out and moved to Cali... which has mostly been great for me. But I definitely have those days where I miss that beautiful babe of a Big Apple city. I remember when I was living in Brooklyn I once heard someone say, "New York is a drug, and I'm addicted." I 100% concur, and this sentiment has remained with me in the past few years since coming back to the West. I've never stopped loving her and I hope I never do.

Recently my talented muse, fellow creator and friend Ashley Garner moved to NYC-I was stoked to be able to see her and do some work with her while I was there over the winter, she is kicking so much ass already. I mailed Ashley a box of dresses for an editorial last week, including the magical Love Letter Dress. I was so pleased to see her create a fairytale through photos with it in Central Park. Have a look at this magical story below.

Special thanks to Sanaz Gangei for the beautiful script on the textiles of this gown.