Monday, February 20, 2012

Life Outside NY Part 7: Sea Gypsy

After my wonderful indian summer into autumn in Norcal I was delighted to come back to the bay and spend some of the winter living on the ocean in SF's Outer Sunset neighborhood. The place I was living was 4 blocks from beautiful Ocean Beach, where I walked everyday-sometimes several times. At night I would go down to the ocean by myself, sit in the sand and gaze into the endless abyss of sea, stars and mist that encapsulated the space called sky. Some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world painted themselves before my eyes in the dead of winter, and the golden sun painted my skin with warmth.

I've been in love with the ocean for as long as I can remember. I've known that I belonged to the sweet Pacific since I played in her as a child, my little feet and legs being swallowed up into salty waves, sand soft and gritty sweet between my toes and sticking to my feet long after I would leave the ocean's waters.

Being there this winter I remembered something I have come to realize so many times before. I want to live beside the Pacific when I am an old woman. I want to dream there beside the sea contemplating all the beautifully wild adventures my youth offered me-let my spirit continue to wander free into the waves, which it belongs to. Dream up ideas churned from the waters sweet mist until I die... the sea has a beautiful way of inspiring brilliant creativity.

My heart belongs to the ocean. I love her. I've come to identify myself as some sort of a sea gypsy...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Papusza Costumes at Funstrip 2/17 SF

If you are in SF tonight please come down to the Supperclub and check out Funstrip. I made some fun lingerie and costumes for this show, including a song bird and a bionic woman, as well as collection of waist cinchers and suspenders. The performances will be off the hook, and my pieces will be worn by some of my favorite girls from Brooklyn. Come by-have a drink and say hello!!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Have a Bloody Valentine xoxo LOVEPAPUSZA

Do you need that perfect sexy ensemble to embody love? A uniform, of sorts, to wear while shooting that special someone with cupid's arrow? There are lot's of sexy and festive wears in my etsy. Have a sneak peak at some of the goods below...


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Above: Photos, Jewelry and Hair by Karen Galloway Hammer. Millinery by Katie Burley. Makeup by TJ Reese. Models Lauren and TJ.

Above: Photos by Gemma Fleming. Hair by David Lopez. Makeup by Jen Lombardo. Models Jenni and Kayla.

Above: Photo by Kylie Faye. Hair my MeriEster Lucie. Makeup by Kerrin B. Model Emily.