Monday, June 21, 2010

Papusza Couture & Maleen Dalan in the New York Post on Rachel Singer!!!

Was exciting to see dear friend and amazing stylist/artist Rachel Singer in Sunday's New York Post wearing Maleen Dalan and Papusza Couture garments together! Read the article 'Taking Back The Night' in Sunday's Post to read full article about Rachel and see more pictures. Also, see Rachel's NY Post online style guide here, wearing her Maleen and Papusza look. Also, kudos to talented super Adam Maclay and Lysette Drumgold for doing a breathtakingly beautiful job on Rachel's hair and makeup!!! Big love to all involved!!!

Miss Rachel looking magical in beautiful headpiece and top by Maleen Dalan and tea stained antique lace skirt by Papusza Couture!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sang Bleu 5, Featuring Papusza Article, Now For Sale in NYC

"Papusza's methods are resoundingly odd, but her creations are subtle and far from a horror show. Unless some of the embellishments are pointed out, one might not even notice that a large bead is actually a pigeon skull dangling from a braid. Her work melds fashion to fine art and to a display at a natural history museum."

-Excerpt from "The Bird Woman of Brooklyn," an article by William Van Meter in Sang Bleu Journal

Sang Bleu 5 is now available for purchase in New York. It can also be purchased at numerous locations, and on the web here, where you can also find a complete list of locations to purchase Sang Bleu in New York, Europe and Japan.

Photo taken by Kat + Duck in Paris before the issue was released in the states. Portrait of me taken by Alex O'Neill.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Papusza Couture in ComplexD (UK)

Fabulous stylists Erica Lavelanet and David Pena at LP Fashion Philosophy pulled some of my pieces for an editorial spread titled "I'm With the Band," featuring Street Hero, in the launch issue of ComplexD Magazine. See below the fun blue velvet romper and sexy green spandex mini dress, both pieces from my Oceania Etherea Collection, in this fabulous editorial.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Papusza in Paper Magazine (Greece) with Kage Handbags!

Stylist Tara Denman pulled my Papusza Couture Vampella Dress (made of beautiful antique Italian lace passed down to my mother from my grandmother, and then to me) for the look book shoot for Kage Handbags this Spring. I was so happy with how Tara styled the dress, and the photos came out beautifully.

I was even more happy when the photos got published in a Greek high fashion magazine called Paper Magazine, in the article "All That Bags," about Kage Handbags.

Photos by Emiliano Granado
Hair and makeup by B. Brill