Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rain falls in Brooklyn

Rain falls in Brooklyn. I touched the cracked sky and a leak sprung loose. Quite inside my loft, drinking tea. Loud tricolor feather earrings that look like zebras work their way through my fingertips. Hot pink, yellow, bright blue. A prism of ideas cracking and sharply falling, like icicles, within my reach.

Blue antique lace, pale and beautiful like an antique child, resting on a red dress form. Colored like scarlet veins in love. Dreams and ideals paint my eyelids when they flutter shut. Plunging forward I take a breath in. It chokes me and I cough backwards. Some shy and shrink in my shine, and it hurts me, but not as much as the love that I feel when I create. I don't try to shrink others. I just want to touch other peoples things. I only want to create using my own hands.

Blind, thirsty, I try and ignore the shrinking violets who I adore, and let go of all ambitions other then those of antiqued children and beautiful tricolor icicles. I draw pictures and paint with pastel feathers as I reach forward, grasping at that prism of rainbows that I know exists somewhere between these silvery drops. Licking down that red dress form, to kiss a child on the cheek, like antique teardrops.

Rain continues to fall in Brooklyn. It is quite today.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Tales of a Cuntastic Halloween in the City

"I'm a Giant Bloody Cunt!" was my popular phrase on the eve of Halloween, 2009; my third Halloween enjoying the festivities in my darling NYC.

As you may guess, most called it disgusting. Many were even full blown repulsed by my costume this year. Lot's of people said that it was "pretty and disgusting" at the same time. I got "Ew. Brilliant, but ew" (i liked that one, found it very amusing). Of course the ever so popular "you're insane" popped up here and there among friends and relatives. My father even answered the phone "Hey ya giant bloody cunt!" the week following Halloween when I called him.


My interpretation of Halloween a la the Giant Bloody Cunt? Don't really know that I have one specific approach. It's a costume I have been wanting to create for years, and really enjoyed wearing and making (although during the making process I really did feel like a lunatic). I could take the gnarly feminine cycle approach. "It's just part of being a woman. It's what our bodies do. I wanted to represent the beauty of that through my costume." Another more slightly irritating representation-pissing off separatists from the four corners of the earth-could be that I'm making a feminist statement in owning the word cunt by dressing up as one. There is some truth in this one I guess, though I hate to admit it. It just amuses me how all those old feminists find the use of the "C" word so offensive, especially coming from the mouth of a young seasoned female artist, such as myself.

In all truth it was just my art. There was no major political statement in my dressing up in a gown I made out of tampons and maxipads. I did it because I found the entire concept hysterical... and even more so then that I found the way people reacted when I told them about the concept even more hysterical. I thought it most appropriate to test the waters. I like provoking reactions of shock. Especially when I can shock the not so-easily-shocked types... which I did (big pat to self on back). So maybe art for the sheer purpose of shock value is ridiculous, and I know many who find it offensive. That being said, I think a nice dose of shock value from time to time does the body good. It keeps people on their feet. I wouldn't want anyone to get to comfortable with mainstream store bought Halloween costumes.

The gown was made out of white silk georgette. It had an asymmetrical hem and a wild tulle skirt (also originally white). I draped the body of the white gown, and wove shredded white silk along the hemline, over the shoulders, down the bust, and along the waist. I sewed panels of maxipads around the hips and waist, then woven tampons, and their various insertion devices, into the strips of white silk through the dress. At the end of it all a took the rather pristine white gown covered in feminine products (which someone even said looked like a wedding gown-pre-dying red of course), and I dipped it into a huge vat of boiling hot scarlet dye. The dying process made me feel like a lunatic... seriously, I was carrying this huge gown covered in dark red dripping pads and tampons around my loft, trying to find the best place to dry it. Thought that I was gonna end up in a loony bin.


Anyways, Halloween eve I accessorized the tampon earrings and a tampon bracelet. I made a nice little bow for my hair out of maxipads. It was very Minny Mouse-esque if I may say so myself. Did the lips in bright red, white eyes with black liquid wing tipping along the lashes. The makeup really was very classic, Betty Paige pin up of me.

The evening started with a young cute musician boy, a friend of a friend, being so repulsed at my costume (while we were getting ready at friends house) he could barely even look at it. After I was dressed and we hit the streets I think the "period details" seemed rather suttle (if that is possible), and many just viewed me as another bloody girl in a sea of costumes. A cute little Japanese girl wearing Couch shoes and carrying a Gucci bag stopped me on the train to tell me how great I looked. Another woman at a party asked for my card, totally disturbed by what I was wearing, and emailed me the next week to tell me how beautiful she thought my designs where. I met a cute little gay boy in a rather generic super hero costume with a "C" on the chesy at the deli, who stopped me to tell me how great my costume was. When I told him what i was he replied "Oh fantastic! I'm Captain Cum Squirt!"

My favorite moment of the evening, by far, was the doorman incident. Some friends and I were attending a Halloween party in one of those really fancy buildings in Manhattan with a doorman and a bellboy. As we walked through the lobby, giggling and already slightly buzzed, a maxipad, drenched in red dye, fell from my dress. The doorman, seeing it and thinking it was something important, ran and picked it up, chasing me and calling "Miss! Excuse me, miss! You dropped something!" I realized I was the "miss" he was referring to as I entered an elevator full of people. I turned and he handed it to me. As I took it from him I think it dawned on him what it was, and an expression of absolute horror came across his face. Poor guy. Here he though he was doing me a favor by picking up my dropped check book or makeup case.

So yes, the Halloween costume scenario this year was a success. Don't know how I'm gonna top that one next year. Luckily I have 11 and 1/2 months for planning.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Interview with me in Above the Fray...

Woohoo!!! Above the Fray interview is up, along with fantastic photo spread from the talented Mikey Pozarik. Check it out when you have a chance!

Find the article and full photoshoot at:

Friday, October 30, 2009

An Ode to The Halloween Costume...

Naturally, I adore Halloween, and everything about it. I often will spend months planning my costume, and think about it year around. Not to say I have any opposition to costumes on any given day, but there is a certain allure to dressing up on Halloween, and the magical childlike darkness that comes with it, that can't be found year round.

This year I have made a dress of maxipads and tampons and splatter dyed it bloody red. I was also commissioned by Ben to make a fabulous "Max" a la "Where The Wild Things Are" costume. He was very pleased with it, and I can't say I disagree with him.


Here are some of my favorite personal costumes from past years:

Bride of Death, 2004

Jackson Pollack Painting, 2005

Edwarda Scissorhands, 2006

Bloody Crow, 2007

Marie Antoinette-wore this dress last year but can't find pics of me in it!!

Another Halloween. Stay tuned for pics!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A psychedelic tea party in the east village, Alice... And other news.

Little recap on what's been going on in my life this past week... very creative, productive and lovely! I had my article posted on the Smashing Darling blog about the Sirius* and Sodafine show. Then I spent my weekend building wild props for my Alice in NYC (and the psychedelic tea party!!!) shoot. After that fantastic shoot I did another lovely one yesterday, which I will post pics from when they come...

Anyways, check out this blog I wrote about the lovely Siri and Erin, 2 of my favorite designers in Brooklyn; Sirius and Sodafine Do It Again ( Both Ladies are awesome and I totally dig not only their shows, but also their clothes! They are both boutique owners here in BK, and have been setting a strong foundation for indie and emerging designers to succeed here in NYC, which often feels like the land of mass produced fashion. I love them! Read the blog on SD, and next time you are in Willyburg stop by their boutiques to find some fab new threads.

Siri also just started a line of stunning chain crochet necklaces called Sirius* Lux (soon up at ). She was kind enough to let me borrow a very collar-like copper one for my photoshoot with photographer Mikey Pozarik ( on Monday. The shoot was a blast. The whole team kicked ass, and I really enjoyed creating with them. The hair and makeup where incredibly creative and stunning. The models did a great job, especially considering the chilly fall weather conditions, and the goose bumps they encountered. ANDDD.... the photography was mind blowing. Mikey is a very talented Australian photographer that has been in NY for a couple of years. I am impressed with his previous body of works and I really loved the stunning eerie quality of his lighting for this particular shoot, the way that the shadows cast and the models told a story in how they were positioned. In all regards it was a fantastic shoot. I also really enjoyed designing some of the props for it!!
Photographer Mikey Pozarik. Hair by Bronnie Knot, assisted by Dina. Makeup by Mia. Models; Ivy, Lana, Rebecca and Elizabeth. Styling by Rachel Singer. From top picture-millinery far left by Tessa Morehouse ( Crochet copper mill end chain collar center left by Sirius* Lux ( Earrings by Mayapple designs.

Yesterday did another shoot with the lovely photographer Jaclyn Lucia. The team kicked ass on that one too, and I am really looking forward to seeing the images. I will post more on that when they come in!!

Stay tuned for the many photoshoots I plan to be doing in the upcoming months. I have an entire new collection, Oceania Etherea, which I just started working with photographers on photoshoots for this week. Many more crazy conceptual fine art and fashion stories featuring my collection to come, along with exciting accessories from talented jewelry and millinery designers! I will keep ya posted!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Beautiful Fascination; Morbidity

People have described my work over the past 4 years as being dark, gothic, strange and even disturbing (thanks Tim Gunn). Others have countered that by calling it ethereal, lovely, beautiful and vibrant. Regardless, the "dark" element is clear in what I do. It is a part of my aesthetic that creates a vessel for me, as person functioning in everyday life, to release the dark.

Photo by Elizabeth Raab. Hair by Danyale Cook. Little bird bones. Sleeping on the Wind collection; Robin.

It got pretty blatant that I was seduced by the magnitude of the opaque early on in my work of Papusza. While still living in Seattle, after the death of my dear friend/brother Bryce, I acquired an obsession for dead birds. Out of this I culminated my fourth (and largest at the time) collection of work. I initially entitled it "The Dead Bird Collection." I later came to call it "Sleeping on the Wind." I showed this body of work shortly before transplanting to NY, a little over 2 years ago. My show included the works of a set designer, 3 painters (many of the paintings on dresses in my collection), about half a dozen performers, and a dozen more lovely models. Hair and makeup where keyed by the very talented Danyale Cook (, and blew the crowd away. I also did a series of fine art and editorial photos of the collection with 2 seperate photographers; Elizabeth Raab ( and Bethany Antikajian (

Photo by Bethany Antikajian. Hair and makeup by Wendy Honeywell. Dead Seagull.

It was well before my dead bird obsession came to light that I was doing dark art, and very entwined with the dark side, though. My adoration of morbidity has been a part of me since I was a young girl. I view taking decay-things that are part of death and what is considered ugly-as part of a greater cycle. This is a cycle that drives and feeds all of us. I think it is important to acknowledge these cycles exist.

Photo by Elizabeth Raab. Hair by Danyale Cook. Makeup by Dawn Tunnell. Bloody Crow.

For example, I have had a handful of individuals in the fashion world challenge my use of leather, fur, bones, and taxidermy in the clothes I make. Some people have thought it was weird, and others even have called it unethical. My arguement is that doing what I am is very green. If I find a dead pigeon on the street, take it home, sterilize it, free it, and clip it's wings to use on a dress then I am recycling. If I find an old rabbit fur or lambskin jacket, cut it up, and make it into a bodice and a pair of hot pants; I am recycling! And making some beautiful stuff, that will look lovely on the body.

Photo by Elizabeth Raab. Hair/makeup by Brandee Schlossar. Bloody Crow.

I started using things I found on the street in my art when I was in college. I would weave through back ally's after class, and find dingy old rusting chains. I would string them with skeleton key and bike locks, also found on the street or at junk stores. It turned into my favorite necklace and I wore it everyday. Virtually entirely made of found objects, decay, and things that most would view as dark, or potential morbid.

Photos by Kat Bret. From my collection Origama Pink.

We waste a lot in this society. We also pretend that things inside of us do not exist. This is unfortunate. Pretending that something isn't there won't make it disappear, I think we all know this. Culminating what we are afraid of, and creating through it, allows us to harness our fears, and take control of them. I think if more people where open to the darkside, morbidity as some call it, they would be freer in their knowledge of themselves.

Photo by Milk Manstudio.

That is my brief overview into my love of morbidity. I prefer to speak the wealth of it's language through my visual work.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Gypsy In New York....

I dream about it all the time... other realms, elements and places that travel has a tendency to purge you into. I like being mobile. I like the idea of being nomadic, and have enjoyed the smaller encounters I have had with being a traveler throughout my life. I adapt well, I like strange new experiences. I want to culminate my creativity by seeing how people live in places in the world I have yet to see.

I am a dreamer. I need freedom and stimulation to thrive. I get bored easily, and I constantly need my ideas to be fed so that I can continue to create with the passion that drives me. I like to be part of the otherworldly, and could cease having a sediment existence for awhile. I could be a gypsy, living my life out of the palm of my hand. I could sell my art, and travel the world. See Bangkok and Berlin, Rio De Janeiro and Moscow. From Alaska to Greenland, wish I could kiss the arctic tundras. I want to touch the sand of Ocho Rios, and swim in the sea with corals kissing the things I see.

So what does one do to make it happen? My thoughts on travel have been inclusive of many possible options. I have considered putting all my things in storage and subletting my apartment, then picking up for a few months with a savings in hand, and visiting friends in either Europe or Thailand. I have considered artist residencies, still a nice viable option. The main incentive in regards to that would be creating positive networks with other artists I can work with internationally, to continue to culminate ideas influenced by otherworldly elements. I like the idea of working with people who are used to an entirely different cultural norm then what I am acclimated to. I find that their perspective gives me a positive influence.

The other conflict I have with all this gypsy fever is that I live in New York. For some reason, New York is not an easy city for me to leave. Every time I go I suffer these weird little pangs of anxiety in the days leading up to my departure. Once I leave I have these little bouts of relief and am so glad to be out of the city. After being away a few days I adjust to the pace and it is great. Although... I do always realize when I leave that if I wasn't living in NY I don't know where else I would culminate what I do. Sure there are other great cities all around the world, and I suppose that is why living internationally is really appealing to me. But in the states I don't know where I would find so many talented individuals so driven and happy to work with me on my projects, and share their creativity.

I love the spirit of New York City. Of Brooklyn, my sweet, sweet Brooklyn. Living here has done amazing things for my wealth of life experiences, and my sense of self. I need to continue to allow those experiences to grow. But in order to stay here I will need to find ways to leave for brief flashes of time, breath without the city. Get inspiration outside of the urban chaos that surrounds me. Be a gypsy in New York. Where will I find my next dreams when I am wondering through my sleep, and I wake tirelessly and lucid with the next adventure?


Photo by my darling Victoria Collier. Taken in Brooklyn, NY, Summer of 2008.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Back in Iceland...

Okay... so a few weeks back, after returning from my lovely little Icelandic adventure, I posted a blog briefly recapping the chaos my experience was. I spoke vaguely of all that occurred over that surreal weekend in the lava land of ice and green. The week was capped off by a mishmash of twisted emotions, including excitement, joy, magic, disappointment, heartbreak, exhaustion, etc.... oh the heart of a nutty creative spirit like myself, always keeps my head about level with a roller coaster.

Anyways, I mentioned in previous blog I would write more on Iceland once I had some more time to decompress and process everything. Well, after having had a few weeks of distance from it, I have decided not to rehash it and go into it here and now. One day when I write a book about my life of mother f#$*ing crazy you can catch all the details in there. Until then you are all just gonna have to deal with not really knowing exactly what went down in Iceland.

Read the articles. Google it. Find out what you will. But NOTHING even comes remotely close to the actual experience. An experience, in hindsight, which I am incredibly glad to have had. It was an experience I learned an enormous amount from. I met an incredible network of people internationally, which I have been bonded to, from having had this experience. I got to see Iceland and it was incredible and I want to go back. AND I got quoted in New York Magazine about how the runway made me wanna barf on my own face 5 times, in addition to being quoted and mentioned in a couple of other articles. A personal favorite is my likening showing my collection on the pile of water crate "runway" (literally) they provided us with, to serving caviar in a toilet bowl. Mmmhhhmmm. That's right folks. Caviar in a kitty litter box.

That being said, Iceland was a very special place and while I was there I had the honor of meeting some incredibly lovely, creative and talented people. The land of ice is kissed with magic. I even ran into a favorite little muse of mine, Bjork (who had she and Matthew Barney's daughter with her), on the airplane flying home to NYC.

For now I focus on the good though. I, unfortunately, did not have my own camera while I was there (typical), but here are some photos other people took while we were there. Most of them were taken by the incredibly talented designer Maleen Dalan, whose work you should absolutely look at. It is gorgeous! Her website is

Antedotes and images;

(From right outside the chruch of wishes in Eastern Iceland. Photo by Maleen.)

(Me, outside the church of wishes. Photo by Rachel.)

(This and all the following photos by Maleen.)

(Our magical geyser. Seriously. This was insane. So cool.)

(Designers Anja Hynynen, Greg Maldoror and myself.)

(Mo Darling and me.)

(The links in my circle of admiration. Maleen Dalan and Greg

(Designers behaving goofy. From left to right; Greg Maldoror, Me, Myrto Stamou and Anna Unger.)

(Feather earring by Nicki and Roxy @ Mayberry designs.)

(Maleen Dalan and Kaytee P.)

So there's a peak into Iceland. If you wanna see more beautiful photos of Iceland check out the blog of photographer Halston Bruce, who traveled there last Spring. She has some great images of the landscape from when she was there. Here is the link to her blog:

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

...and if I married the sea would I be a pirate???

As many of my family members and closest friends know I have not always been super keen on the concept of marriage. I have no problems with it in regards to others, but have always thought the idea was not right. I am a very independent soul, and I am sure if the right person came along this might change. That being said the idea of it has always (and my being in it) made my skin crawl a bit.

I've often said to many of my dear friends that if I ever got married it would be on a giant pirate ship next to the sea. I would design myself an elaborate gown covered in skulls, dead bird wings, dried out sea creatures and lots of black and blue. All my favorite people would be there, including my darling Kati and her parrot Nigel, as well as many other pirate spirited folks who fill my life. We would drink rum and whiskey right out of the bottle, or even out of a shoe (okay, maybe not a shoe, but I find the idea very comical and pirate-like). David Bowie would play all night, bottles would be broken in celebration, and the night would end with giant chest full of bird bones and long lost treasures. At the end of the night I would send my guests on their marry way as they walk the plank off the ship and leave their valuables with me... (kidding!)

When I told my mom about this idea she teased me about how it would be hard to ever find someone who would agree to being the counterpart in a wedding like that. One of my dearest friends teased me that it would be my wedding getting married to the sea, and that she wanted to be my first mate. Regardless I love the idea. Perhaps it is just another sign that I never really grew up, and just like playing dress up and pretending to be a pirate.

In 2007, the last Summer that I was living in Seattle, I had a few clients commission me to make their wedding gowns. I encountered a few very frustrating bridezilla moments with a couple of these brides to be, and swore at the end of the Summer that I wasn't going to do wedding gowns anymore. As many of you may be aware from looking at my work white is not usually my preferred shade of textile medium.

I didn't touch a wedding dress for the two years following that, which was also my first two years living in New York. Last Spring, after completing and showing my Origama Pink collection, my childhood best friend Emilee announced that she and her lovely boyfriend of 8 years would be getting married. I had always wanted them to get married, and had been telling Emilee since I started Papusza that if they did marry I wanted to make her a dress.

I was happy to fulfill my offer, and create Emilee a lovely bone white dress. She wore this during her very magical and unconventional wedding this past Summer (see photos below), after the ceremony. During the ceremony she and her husband wore beautiful traditional Indian attire (which his parents had bought for them in India) to celebrate his family and background.


After the ceremony for the reception they dressed in playful roaring 20's attire, and danced the night away, like it was The Great Gatsby all over again. I created Emilee's dress using bone white silk charmeuse and organza for the skirt and the base (the dress was two separate pieces; a slip and a transparent over dress). For the bodice I used intricate antique lace, which Emilee's mother had sent me. The lace had been passed down from Emilee's great aunt, who had worked as a seamstress for a designer in New York in the 1920's. I really enjoyed creating lovely bodice detailing with this lace.


A couple of months back Elizabeth Raab, another one of my dear friends (who is also a great photographer that has shot lot's of my work;, asked me if I would design and make her wedding gown for her ceremony in October. Last week we went and got materials (including a gorgeous Swiss lace with baby blue accents), and for the past few days I have been culminating the dress, and starting the base of it. I look forward to finishing it in the upcoming week. Please stay tuned for details. I plan to use bird bones as buttons on the back for detailing, and lot's of feathers, which we all know I love.

Please stay tuned for photos of the work I do on Elizabeth's gown. Also, if you or anyone you know might be seeking a custom gown for a wedding, or any other special occasion, and you want a Papusza please feel free to email me at I would be happy to create you something special, and I promise not to used pirate skulls or birds bones unless you want them...

Photo by JW Anderson. See more photos from this event at

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My dress at Purple Fashion Show, NYFW

It was a hit and looked great. Yay!

Dress made and designed by Papusza Couture. Photo by Anna Thiessen. Model Paige Chin. Some textile design done in collaboration with Roseanna.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Papusza Couture at Puprle Fashion Show during NYFW

Hey everyone! One of my gowns will be shown and auctioned off tomorrow night during New York Fashion Week at the Anita Kaufmann Foundation's Purple Fashion Show. This is a charity event, and all proceeds go to benefit the 5th grade epilepsy education program. The event will be taking place at the Sony Atrium on Madison Avenue. My gown will be shown and auctioned off alongside the work of Nanette Lepore, Elie Tahari, gwen stefani's l.a.m.b., and many other fabulous designers and labels whose work I like.

For more info or to purchase tickets please visit

Here is the gown I will be showing and have donated for auction
Photo taken by Elizabeth Raab. Model Zara. Hair by Linh Nguyen. Makeup by Chris Milone. Some textile design done in collaboration with Roseanna.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Things are not always what they seem to be...

So I'm back from Iceland and relieved to be in New York where, ironically, I feel like I can finally get some rest. My trip in Iceland was insane... surreal... and very, VERY strange. At this point I still can't even grasp what happened, and am not at a point where I feel I can explain or rehash the situation, as I am still learning more and more details and trying to get a handle on it myself. I feel overwhelmed by a mix of emotion, and am both heart broken by the vision I lost, and also thankful to have met some really talented people while I was there.

"Iceland Fashion Week" was an array of catastrophes, chaos, deception, disorganization and utter physical and emotional exhaustion. It is true that some of my pieces were damaged. I am heart broken because I had to unpack a suitcase yesterday that was a collection of brittle broken bird bones and cracked wings (which I was only given 15 minutes to pack, thus causing them to be damaged when we were forced to haul our collections up hills and stairs to escape the frightening stage/runway we were told we had to show on). I am also heart broken that I was not able to show in the beauty of Iceland as I had envisioned my collection would be shown.

On the positive I met some really interesting and talented designers from all over the world. I also got to see Iceland, which as many of you know is something I have always wanted to do. I need to go back under better circumstances so I can really spend some time bonding with the land there (which is like the moon overgrown with moss next to the ocean; mind you a perfect place for Papusza's to dream). I also found things about the mythology in their culture to be very endearing and charming (like their belief in trolls, elves and giants). I was also on the airplane with Bjork on the way back to New York from Iceland (no joke!!!). I will write more on this at a later date.

Anyways, I am glad to be back in New York, where I am attempting to just recharge and re cooperate from it all. I have to run a few post trip errands today, but other then that plan to spend my next couple of days reading, sleeping, eating and meeting with Elizabeth Raab to plan the making of her wedding gown (with bird bones I think!!).

Posted below are links to some of the articles, blogs and a pre-press release from all this chaos and shambles. Little things keep coming out of the wood work and there are still many stories to be told. I look forward to hearing them all. When my energy level is higher and I have the emotional capacity to rehash the whole situation I will be able to write about it. I will also continue posting articles from blogs and in the press as they come in about this catastrophe.

A big thank you to everyone who has helped me and believed in me as an artist. Although I am exhausted now I still stand passionately behind my work and my vision, and will only continue to move forward. Hopefully in the future my creations will not be tarnished by negative experiences and situations that cause them to get hurt. I will do everything that I can to protect them.

Links regarding IFW:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Papusza Couture at Iceland Fashion Week

Greetings! I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer and is getting excited for all the fashion shows in the fall as I am. I am thrilled to be showing during New York Fashion Week at the Purple Fashion Show.

Additionally I am absolutely elated with excitement about the collection I will be debuting at Iceland Fashion Week at the Viking Museum in Keflavik on September 5th. The show is called "Walk on Water," and will be showcased on a runway built out of water bottles that looks like a viking canoe. I will be showing, along with 25 other incredibly talented indapendant fashion designers from around the world. Find a full list of designers and more information about the event at

I am going to be showing a collection entitled Oceania Etherea. Following is the press release and description:

"Papusza Couture will be presenting the collection Oceania Etherea for Iceland Fashion Week in Setpember of '09. Designer Kaytee P has always had a fascination with the world of birds, feathers and flight. Kaytee's nostalgic love of the sea, and her childhood spent close to the natural beauty of the Western U.S coastline, are the inspirations for this collection.

In the ethereal oceans birds live in the recesses of the deep. Feathers float and cool tones calm her aesthetic in the airy bright balance of the sky. These elements are fused with the rich, deep luxury that exists at the bottom of the sea, conveyed by seashells, shimmery treasures of metallics, luscious furs and hand dyed wave patterns on her garments. To view Kaytee's previous collections or to contact the designer about custom garments and/or purchasing please go to her website at "

And for inspiration here are some images of Iceland...