Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Holly Dazed Winter Holiday Sale on Papusza Couture

Wishing on winter stars, entering a new year fresh and bright and being the life of any festive party... All these things are deeds better accomplished when you are adorned in beautiful and meaningful threads. In honor of this sentiment I'll be holding a sale in my etsy shop in the week ahead. Everything in the shop will be available for 30% off, just enter the coupon code HOLLYDAZE upon check out. Order by Friday, the 19th, if you want to receive before Christmas. This excludes made to order items (which will take 3 weeks) and tights. If you want to order tights in time for Christmas please order by Wednesday at midnight. Have a peek below at a few of the items listed for sale in the shop.


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Kai'outi Magazine: Woodland Issue Cover and Editorial

There has been so much happening lately in Papusza Land that I am far behind on posting photos from all the magical things that have been happening lately. I will be posting more in the upcoming weeks, but wanted to share the November issue of Kai'outi Magazine, which has a photo of the beautiful Neon Lolita wearing Papusza Couture on the cover, and includes an editorial. I love this whimsical editorial, shot by Justin Schlesinger, with dreamy hair and makeup by Monique Noelle. This is "Neon Forest" from the "Woodland" issue of Kai'outi Magazine.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

"Undine" Art Couture Collection-Editorial by Regina Marie

My summer was split between two focuses; both allowing me to create my most recent art couture collection, titled "Undine." One of the focuses was throwing myself into the furls of learning new skills and how to work with new materials in order to procure all of the treasures needed to craft this collection. The other focus was one which pulled me deep into the spirit of the sea, and learning how to understand the language of this water world, which has always soothed me.

I spent months working on this collection, laboriously scoring and drilling glass and china, scheming how to affix spoons to form a bodice, weaving abalone shells into an intricate harness and bustle set... and of course there was lot's of sewing. At the end of it all I had the honor of showcasing the collection at the beautiful de Young Fine Art Museum of San Francisco. As a fashion designer one of my favorite aspects of the work is having the opportunity to showcase my more sculptural couture in an art appropriate setting, and was honored this was my first museum exhibition.

My absolute favorite part of my creative process is that final moment when the piece is captured in it's idyllic setting, and this usually resonates in the form of a photoshoot. This is when the art is in it's purest form, and in the case of "Undine" this was close to nature, beside the sea, where the spirit of the concept was born. Below you will find many of these beautiful images and the story that they tell.

If you would like to know more about this collection, and fashion as an art form, please read muse Ashley Garner's recent article in Creem Magazine.

Photographer: Regina Marie
All garments handmade by Papusza Couture
Custom Accessories by Mad Elegance
Models: Ashley Garner and Kate Coneely
Hair and Makeup: Elle Duerr

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

"Undine" Art Couture Prsentation at The de Young Museum

I am proud to announce that I had my first museum showcase of art couture a couple of weeks back. I debuted my newest collection of sea inspired work-titled "Undine"-as part of beautiful memorial show called "What Tethers Us?". This emotive and stunning show included many talented artist from around the SF area, and was curated by visionary artist Deidre DeFranceaux, who released brilliant collection of mermaid inspired paintings at the show.

My collection Undine is a fine art couture collection, conveying the erie spirit of the sea, and all the injured lives and souls that are washed clean by it's waters. In mythology an Undine is a nymph-like water spirit, eternally immortal unless she is captured by certain elements of landlocked life. Inspired by this mythology, the garments of this collection are melancholy, haunting and ethereal. Each garment is hand made as a giant wind chime of sorts, using unconventional materials such as abalone shells, broken china, sea glass and silver wear... All objects that one might find on the floor of the sea after a ship wreck, ideal treasures for a spritely water spirit to be adorned in. These objects are incorporated in the garments in a way that allows them to create musical noise when they are worn and ignited with movement.  The idea is that this movement brings a magical sense of life with it. This collection of art couture is an ode to the singing spirits of the sea, being carried to us upon the wind to whisper their secrets to us.

Have a glimpse of the collection and some magical moments from the Papusza Couture presentation of the show below...


Photos by Regina Marie

All garments designed and fabricated by Papusza Couture
Custom accessories and millinery by Mad Elegance
Hair and makeup design by Ellementals

Model: Audra Horride with the paintings of Deidre DeFranceaux

Model: Kate Coneely

Model: Jonny Signer

Model: Ashley Garner

Friday, October 24, 2014

Happy Hallows! Spellbinding Fall and Winter Wares from Papusza "SeANCE".

Do you need to add some magic and a touch of dark glamour to your wardrobe?  Be absolutely spellbindingly beautiful in unique OOAK pieces from Papusza Couture's "SeANCE" collection, which can be found in the etsy shop. Have a peak at a few of the looks that where shot earlier this Fall below:

Photographer: Kat Bret
Model: Kate Coneely
Hair/MU: Molly McCormick Foundations Hair & Makeup
All wardrobe by Papusza Couture. Hat in image two courtesy of She's My Lil Rock N Roll. Head chain in image 3 by The Littlest Feather.

Friday, October 10, 2014

'Undine' Couture Collection at The de Young Museum "What Tethers Us?" 10/17

" A pearl is a beautiful thing that is produced by an injured life. It is the tear [that results] from the injury of the oyster. The treasure of our being in this world is also produced by an injured life. If we had not been wounded, if we had not been injured, then we will not produce the pearl."

'Undine' is the title of Papusza Couture's new art couture collection, which will be presented at the de Young Museum's upcoming show "What Tethers Us?". This collection conveys the erie spirit of the sea, and all the injured lives and souls that are washed clean by it's waters. With musical accompaniment by Kati Williams and Sarah Rosalena Brady, live performative models adorned in delicate, hand crafted and fragile garments will showcase the collection. Artisan hair and makeup design provided by Elle Duerr and custom couture millinery by Mad Elegance

Please save the date and join us if you can for this special evening. It is free to enter. 

All photos and flier design by Regina Marie. Model: Kate Coneely. Hair/MU by Elle Duerr. Millinery by Mad Elegance. 

"What Tethers Us?" is a visual and performative love letter to the late Monica Maduro, former Board member of the Fine Arts Museums, celebrating the enduring creative spirit and the greater San Francisco avante guarde artist community. Among her many accomplishments, Monica created the Figurehead to the famed "La Contessa," which was a highly-realistic, interactive replica of a Spanish galleon, originally built for the festival Burning Man.

This show is curated by Deidre de Franceaux, long-time friend of Monica Maduro and long-time Bay Area artist who will debut "Deep Waters," a series of large, mixed-media paintings about women overcoming deep psychological pain. She has assembled an exciting selection of work on the theme from 18 noted and up-and-coming local artists across all media; painting, sculpture, video installation, film, fashion, photography, music, and performance.

Featuring art by Deidre DeFranceaux, Kaytee Papusza, Karen Cusolito of American Steel, Michael Sturtz founder of the Crucible, Justin Young, Rebecca Anders of Flux, Dana Albany, Flash Hopkinsof "Doing DaVinci" fame, Haideen Anderson Kennedy, Michael Rauner, Paz De La Calzada, Tucker Eason, and Will Allen. 

With live performances by The Vau de Vire Society, Extra Action Marching Band, Sanaz Gangei,and DJ Justin Credible. Sound Healing with Jules Sears of Primal Peace Sound Healing. Hosted bySteven Raspa

This event is a collaboration between many artists who were collaborators, friends and family members of FAMSF’s beloved Trustee Monica Maduro who died last October. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for the community to celebrate the life of Monica, as well as provide a pathway for each of us to explore the aspects of the creative spirit that keep us alive in life - and in legacy - connected to each other.

Friday, October 17, 2014
5:30pm - 8:45pm

de Young Museum
Golden Gate Park  /  50 Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive,
San Francisco, CA  94118  /  415-750-3600

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Custom Halloween Costume Orders and Rentals

As many of you know in past years I have enjoyed creating many handmade custom Halloween costumes for clients. This year, with the mid October upcoming debut of my new art couture collection at the De Young, I will only be taking on a limited amount of orders for custom Halloween costumes. If you would like to place an order for a costume with me and you do it before September 29th I will be charging my normal rate. All orders places after this date will include a rush fee. Some of the costumes I have created in the past include mermaids, fairies, Peter Pan boys, bird men, futuristic babes, bloody brides, Phantom characters, Angry Birds and beyond. Have a peak at some of my favorites below... I will also have a small variety of garments available for rental, including the first three pictured below.

"Bloody Swan" Photo by Elizabeth Raab. Model-Elizabeth. MU/Hair: Brandee Slossar.

"Bloody Crow" Photo by Elizabeth Raab. Model-Cayte Bosler. MU: Dawn Tunnell. Hair: Danyale Cooke.

"Seaglass" Photo by Regina Marie. Model: Audra Horride. MU: Becky Brazier. Hair: Celia Racicot. Staff by Mad Elegance.

Shell Bra photographed by Regina Marie.

Photo by Julie Hanna. Model-Ashley. Batwings available in my etsy shop.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Papusza Trousseau: Custom Bridal and Heirloom Couture

"To gaze once upon her was to be filled with love for her. When she smiled roses blossomed; when she wept pearls fell from her eyes, and grass grew wherever her feet trod. The fame of her beauty spread far and wide." -Quote from Turkish fairytale, 'The Rose-Beauty'

In the past few years, since moving to California from NYC, I have spent a lot of time creating custom bridal and heirloom couture. I recently created a new portfolio for this line, entitled "Papusza Trousseau". This line consists of specialty custom gowns, dresses and separates-made for clients with memorable occasions-from specialty high end fabrics and/or heirloom materials. These garments are made to be part of a very magical memory and story, to capture a fragment of every lovely ladies heart, and pin it on her sleeve. Made to make dreams come true, these couture garments will last lifetimes. Some occasions I have made Trousseau couture for include weddings, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries and gala's. If you are interested in having a couture gown made for you please feel for to inquire for details at papuszacouture@gmail.com.

Above photos of couture "Flower Fairy Wedding Gown" by Julie Hanna.

Above photos of "Ocean Parachute Gown" by Darren Miller. This gown is a parachute gown that can be worn longer or shorter, as pictured. It includes a hand tinted petticoat that has 2 dozen macaw parrot and albino peacock feathers as well as nearly 50 tiny bells.

Photo by Katie Wright.

Photo by Sarah Sparkles.

Photo by John Keon.

Monday, June 9, 2014

"The Union" Dark Bridal Editorial

Earlier this Spring the talented Ashley Garner pulled some of my gowns for a dark bridal editorial entitled "The Union". The shots turned out lovely, and shed an eire and unconventional light on the merging of two dark souls, into an eternal union. Have a peak at a few of my favorite images from the shoot below, and view the complete editorial here.

On the note of bridal couture-for those of you who do not know-I have a specialty line of custom heirloom dresses and gowns. I will be posting more on this at some point in the next few weeks or so, but feel free to have a peak at some of my "Trousseau" Collection here.

Photographer: Ashley Garner
Models: Samayah Jaramillo & Marshall Showalter
Wardrobe Designer: Papusza Couture
Millinery Designer: Katie Burley Millinery
Hair/MU: Erika Arce

Thursday, June 5, 2014

"Voluptuaria" | Unique Clothes for Curves

"A divine nimbus exhales from it from head to foot,
It attracts with fierce undeniable attraction,
I am drawn by it's breath as if I were no more then a helpless vapor,
all falls aside but myself and it....
Hair, bosom, hips, bend of legs, negligent falling hands all diffused,
mine too diffused..."

-Walt Whitman

I am happy to have recently debuted my newest line, entitled "Voluptuaria". As one might gather from the name, this is a line of unique and handmade clothing for curvaliscious babes. You can find a couple of these items already listed for sale in my shop, and keep an eye out for more coming later on this summer. This line is an homage to the soft and feminine aesthetic of vintage Hollywood glamour, with a touch of tattered punk rock and bohemian romance. Below you can find beautiful editorial captures taken by the talented Marisa Pike from the first shoot of this line, which was set at the iconic Hotel Shangri-La in Santa Monica. These looks are modeled by drop dead gorgeous bombshell blond Felicity Hayward, looking like a classic Hollywood beauty in hair and makeup by Giovanna Paramo.