Sunday, May 30, 2010

Papusza Organic Textile Exhibited in Stockholm

A couple months ago awesome Swedish designer Anja Hynynen asked me if I would contribute a piece to the organic textile project she is putting together to showcase in Sweden later this summer. The textile will debut at Ekovaruhuset in the Old Town of Stockholm. See a picture and description of my contribution below and stay tuned for further details.


This Is What My Heart Looks Like


"This Is What My Heart Looks Like" is a textile created using antique lace and various organic materials. It is a personal representation of who I am as not only an artist, but also as an emotional being, and how this is connected to my creative work. Organic materials in this piece include flicker feathers, bird bones, a peacock feather and the materials used to stain the fabric. The heart shaped and border stains were created using strawberries, blackberries and beets.

This textile was handmade with love in Brooklyn, New York.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Magdalena Olek Photos of Papusza Couture in Polland Fashion Week

About a month and a half ago, just before the New Faux fashion show, I had the pleasure of working with talented Polish photographer Magdalena Olek. She took these stunning pictures of pieces from my Oceania Etherea collection and the millinery of Valvet Antler. I absolutely love the way the photos turned out. They were shot in Brooklyn, and I feel the way she captured the airiness of the garments with the floral petals around them is breathtaking.

In May Magdalena showed these beautiful images in a gallery during Polish Fashion Week. I hope to be in Poland for fashion week at some point in the future...

A big warm special thanks to models Mika Jones and Kristin Quinn for doing such a beautiful job modeling!! And of course a big thanks to the amazing Magdalena Olek for involving my dresses in her gorgeous photography!!!!!!

Shots of Mika in Papusza Couture and Velvet Antler

Shots of Kristin in Papusza Couture and Velvet Antler

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Chelsea Hotel Art Show Pictures

Here are some images of my showing at Desire Group Art Show at the Chelsea Hotel last weekend.

Photo by Maleen Dalan

Photo by Kati Williams

Photo by Maleen Dalan. Collaboration Project with pieces from my collections, Maleen Dalan's menswear (on upper right hand side of bed) and sculpture and jewelry of Desideria Adame. They were a pleasure to collab with!

Photo by Kati Williams. Vagina sculpture by Desideria Adame.

Photo by Kati Williams High Priestess Tarot Card Dress

Photo by Maleen Dalan

Photo by Kati Williams. This dress is called (lucas) the star. It is made to represent the star tarot card (with the card sewn into the dress), as well as ultrasounds and egg shells. It is in honor of my new nephew, Lucas, who was born the Monday following the show.

Photo by Maleen Dalan.

Photo by Kati Williams. (lucas) the star details.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Papusza Limbs at PUHA in the Netherlands!!!

I am happy to announce that Papusza Couture Limb tights can now be purchased at PUHA Boutique in the Netherlands! They will make their debut this Friday at a fun special shopping party at PUHA called the Full Moon, invitation below. If you know anyone in Utrecht tell them to go check them out!! Also, for those of you not located in Utrecht, please keep in mind you can always custom order tights directly from me.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Papusza Couture Showcasing at New Faux!

Here is the fashion show!

Show filmed by Alex Mercado
Show Production/Art Direction by Gemma Fleming and Kaytee Papusza
TWINS by Gemma Fleming
Graphics by ADV Associates

See further credits below. BIG thanks to everyone involved!!


Oceania Etherea by Papusza Couture presented featuring Gemma Fleming's animation TWINS
Designer Papusza Couture (
Art Direction by Gemma Fleming and Kaytee Papusza
Production by Gemma Fleming and Kaytee Papusza
Stage Manager Allison Bayles
Fashion Director/Wardrobe Stylist Rachel Singer
Stylist Assistant Megan Luby
Music Justin Aubuchon
Animation ADV Associates

Key Hairtsylist Calli Carvajal
Hairstylist Adam Maclay
Hairstylist Jeanise
Hairstylist Assistant Ana Perdita
Key Makeup Artist Lysette Drumgold
Makeup Artist Ana Perdita
Makeup Artist Erika Lee
Makeup Artist Mia Bauman
Makeup Artist Tiffani Argentina

Two-headed Dream Narcissister (headpiece made by performer)
Trapeze Ali Luminscent
Contortionist Ekaterina
Queen Kate Verb
Queen's Hair Twin Mika Jones

Denise Dietrichs
Eugina Williams
Forest of Gotham
Ivy Challis
Jess Patrick
Kerstin Porter
Kristin Quinn
Lisa Landino
Polina Kohan
Rebecca Holdridge
Val MacKinnon
Yumii Rosario

Artisan Jewelry Desideria Adame (
Crochet Chain Jewelry Sirius* Lux (
Feather Millinery Velvet Antler (
Footwear Fluevog (
Gloves Lamie Akar (
Eye Patches Jade Chiu (
Tights Papusza Limbs by Papusza Couture (

Monday, May 17, 2010

Papusza Couture at Chelsea Hotel May 21st and 22nd

I will be showing at the Chelsea Hotel on May 22nd between 11 am and 7 in Desire Group Art Show. My work will be part of a collaborative "bed/surreal dream" installation created by myself, and my favorite person to collaborate with, artisan Desideria Adame. This installation will include one of the designs of brilliant menswear designer Maleen Dalan. Pieces from my Oceania Etherea Collection will be exhibited among this installation, as well as a hand dyed and appliqued tapestry, combined with the beautiful sculpture and jewelry work of Desideria Adame. I will also debut my series of tarot card dresses at the Desire Show. These dresses will be part of my S/S 2011 Paramicha Collection, an ode to fairytales in the land of gypsy punk rock. This will be a sneak peak at some of the couture I will be showcasing this fall.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Faux Behind Scenes Video and BIG THANKS!!!

I'm not the type of artist that takes showcasing my work with a grain of salt. When I do it, I do it all the way. Showcasing my Oceania Etherea collection, in conjunction with Gemma Fleming's TWINS animation, at New Faux was no exception. Gemma and I put a lot of work into preparing for this event, and I wanan give a huge shout out and special thanks to her for all her hard work, creative input and collaboration. Gemma Fleming is an amazing person to work with on every level, and brings it 100%. If you ever have the opportunity to do a project with her you cannot pass it up.

Our showcasing at New Faux came together beautifully, after weeks of me making myself insane, depriving myself of sleep, and tweaking the details down to a pinpoint. This is a collection I have been wanting to show since Iceland, and have gone through a world of emotional turmoil, death, life and rebirth with. I was glad to see it finally alive and in action. I was also very happy to showcase the gown I custom made for performance artist Narcissister at New Faux, modeled by the creative and inspiring Narcissister herself.

I want to give a huge and special thanks to everyone involved in this show and who helped make it happen. Also, I want to give a huge special thanks to Kae Burke and House of Yes for providing us with a platform to showcase creatively, and inviting us to be a part of this magical event.

Below is a short behind the scenes documentation shot by model and awesome Papusza muse Eugina Williams. Stay tuned for more great pictures and video of the full Papusza Couture/Gemma Fleming showcase.