Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Custom Halloween Costume Orders and Rentals

As many of you know in past years I have enjoyed creating many handmade custom Halloween costumes for clients. This year, with the mid October upcoming debut of my new art couture collection at the De Young, I will only be taking on a limited amount of orders for custom Halloween costumes. If you would like to place an order for a costume with me and you do it before September 29th I will be charging my normal rate. All orders places after this date will include a rush fee. Some of the costumes I have created in the past include mermaids, fairies, Peter Pan boys, bird men, futuristic babes, bloody brides, Phantom characters, Angry Birds and beyond. Have a peak at some of my favorites below... I will also have a small variety of garments available for rental, including the first three pictured below.

"Bloody Swan" Photo by Elizabeth Raab. Model-Elizabeth. MU/Hair: Brandee Slossar.

"Bloody Crow" Photo by Elizabeth Raab. Model-Cayte Bosler. MU: Dawn Tunnell. Hair: Danyale Cooke.

"Seaglass" Photo by Regina Marie. Model: Audra Horride. MU: Becky Brazier. Hair: Celia Racicot. Staff by Mad Elegance.

Shell Bra photographed by Regina Marie.

Photo by Julie Hanna. Model-Ashley. Batwings available in my etsy shop.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Papusza Trousseau: Custom Bridal and Heirloom Couture

"To gaze once upon her was to be filled with love for her. When she smiled roses blossomed; when she wept pearls fell from her eyes, and grass grew wherever her feet trod. The fame of her beauty spread far and wide." -Quote from Turkish fairytale, 'The Rose-Beauty'

In the past few years, since moving to California from NYC, I have spent a lot of time creating custom bridal and heirloom couture. I recently created a new portfolio for this line, entitled "Papusza Trousseau". This line consists of specialty custom gowns, dresses and separates-made for clients with memorable occasions-from specialty high end fabrics and/or heirloom materials. These garments are made to be part of a very magical memory and story, to capture a fragment of every lovely ladies heart, and pin it on her sleeve. Made to make dreams come true, these couture garments will last lifetimes. Some occasions I have made Trousseau couture for include weddings, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries and gala's. If you are interested in having a couture gown made for you please feel for to inquire for details at

Above photos of couture "Flower Fairy Wedding Gown" by Julie Hanna.

Above photos of "Ocean Parachute Gown" by Darren Miller. This gown is a parachute gown that can be worn longer or shorter, as pictured. It includes a hand tinted petticoat that has 2 dozen macaw parrot and albino peacock feathers as well as nearly 50 tiny bells.

Photo by Katie Wright.

Photo by Sarah Sparkles.

Photo by John Keon.