Sunday, April 10, 2011

Papusza Couture Design for Laura Milkin's Walking Home Project

As many of you know I am currently traveling across the United States working on several nomad inspired projects-Paramicha and Nomadsland. As you can imagine I have met many amazing travelers along the way.

In my expedition I was thrilled to meet multi-media interactive performance artist Laura Milkins, who is currently working on the inspiring and compelling Walking Home: stories from the desert to the Great Lakes project. Starting on May 1st Laura will be walking 2000 miles from Tucson, AZ. to Grand Rapids, MI., where she grew up and where her family lives. She will be streaming live online 24/7, and along the way she will be walking and staying with people from all the places she passes through. She will not only be documenting her experience, but she will also be documenting the interesting stories of those she encounters.

I was thrilled when a mutual friend put me in touch with her, and felt inspired by the kindred free spiritedness of her adventure-especially in it being so congruent with my own cross country journey. As part of her travels Laura has asked 3 designers, including myself, to design pieces for her to wear as she walks. I am very excited about the project, and will be designing her a kimono jacket and storytelling dress. Please stay tuned for pictures in the upcoming weeks.

In the meantime show your support to Laura by pledging to Walking Home on Kickstarter (and get some awesome goodies if you are a backer) and liking the Walking Home page on facebook. Also, look for a blog in the upcoming weeks that includes shots of my pieces for Laura, and in May follow her live stream to see her walking Northbound through the desert in Papusza.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

LA: Papusza Couture Trunk Show hosted by Francesca Lia Block!

Inspired by the beauty of the free spirit, come and shop Papusza Couture's Spring/Summer demi collection, Nomadsland. Get great prices and first dibs on fun, one of a kind, handmade dresses, shorts, vests, collars, tops-all made from unique fair trade ethnic fabrics collected from cultures around the world-and hand painted tights. You will also find great prices on hand-dyed Papusza LIMB tights, reworked vintage slips and antique hand painted leather gloves from Papusza's series, Stain. Don't miss out on these beautiful and unique pieces that will be sure to bring a spirited splash to your wardrobe!!!

This trunk show will be hosted by Papusza's favored author Francesca Lia Block. FLB books will be for sale for good prices too!!!

RSVP here and please forward this invite to all your Los Angeles based friends!!!