Monday, March 29, 2010

Hand Dyed Tights! Custom orders! As featured in NY Times!

As seen in the New York Time with Alexander Mcqueen on Ladyfag-Green dipped tights

I'm the kinda girl who keeps a paper skeleton under my bed and likes to sleep close to taxidermy. That doesn't mean that bright colorful fun legs don't make me happy though. When I wear my Papusza Limbs tights there is never a doubt that I will have a great day. Because we are all so different and different limbs make different ladies faces light up I have decided to start taking orders for custom Papusza Couture Limbs hand dyed tights.

Limbs have been featured in the Style Section of the New York Times and on the Uniform Project.

As seen on the Uniform Project

Limbs can be dyed up to 3 colors per pair and are available in grey, true blue, navy blue, purple, kelly green, orange, red and magenta. They are available in small and large. Embellished or lace limbs available at a higher cost. Please inquire for details. They can be dyed in ombre, dipped, two tone, stripes or an organic bruise like pattern. They start at $28.

To order a pair of custom limbs please email me with desired color(s), size and pattern;

Lace tights in blue and green two tone, blue in bruise pattern.

Dipped green and white tights

Blue tights in ombre stripe

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Papusza Couture First Show Documentary by Hamish Chappell

For those of you who knew me years ago back in Seattle when I first started Papusza Couture this should be rather entertaining. The show was at the Columbia City Theater, and I will forever be thankful to all the amazing people that were in my life at that time. Without all of them none of what I have created (along with many others) over the past 5 years would exist. If you were there, you may even see yourself sitting in the audience or helping me queue models.

The documentary is in black and white, but the collection of dresses I showed was very vibrant with color. This was a collection very true to who I was at the time as a woman in my early twenties. An ode to my youth, a sleigh of dresses inspired by vintage, punk rock, riot grrl and being a bad ass rebel chick whose not afraid to stand out in the crowd.

You can see in my response to the show and expressions on my face this was one of the loveliest moments of my life; the start of a new chapter. Since then many more new chapters have opened, including establishing my art and life in New York. I look forward to what the future holds, so full of possibilities. Seeing this video makes me remember my dresses are my lucky charms and it is a beautiful day to be hopeful.

Part One;

Part Two;

Monday, March 22, 2010

Miss Maleen Dalan to New York Please!!!

Please check out the beautiful works of my lovely friend Maleen Dalan. She is a Norway based menswear designers, and one of my favorite designers at that. She is also an amazingly sweet person. Her menswear is so beautiful and well crafted. It really blows my mind. Please view her complete collections here.

She is currently trying to sell her accessories to raise enough money to come to New York. I am in love with the feathery lovely Shamanic Necklace and Shamanic Feather Earrings, both very affordable! Purchase them and other fantastic designs by Malan Daleen on Etsy here.

I am really hoping for Maleen to be here by May. If she is some garments from her beautiful menswear collection will be included in the installation I am doing with Desideria Adame for the Desire art show at the Chelsea Hotel.

Shamanic Earrings by Maleen Dalan

Shamanic Necklace by Maleen Dalan

Sunday, March 14, 2010

blue Monday for tequila Sunrise

I met a mad hatter at high tea on a blue monday.
There was a tequila sunrise dancing vividly on his smile, and the spark of green in my eyes began to blend in.
In an evening that seemed like afternoons laughter blended into sloppy kisses. I could taste whiskey between my breaths.

A week of catastrophes and more laughter.
I found a new meaning in tarot and saw old reflections which melted into current broken mirrors.
I decided that Brooklyn high school girls have complex epic style, and I acquired a fascination with multi-textured fishnets.
I missed Desideria, and thought a lot about our emerging creation.

When will a blue Monday burst into an orange sunrise?
I want to taste it, sweetly.
When I walked through the angry Brooklyn sky last night I felt really alive
Having all that wind and rain tear through me.

I want to breath in sunshine.
But the darkness of the forthcoming storm forces desire in me.
My mind is busy with the fascination of what my hands will decide to create next.

I like knowing that blue Monday might exist.
But I want to remember tequila sunrise
Where the stars turn pink and white.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Wearable Art Interview and My Heart Belongs to BK, Pt. 1

My life since moving to New York has shifted, tectonic plates, and now the stars align in so many ways that they never aligned before. I've always seen things in my own ways, but how I fit in, and that there where places this was considered a brilliant way of being, didn't become clear until after moving here. New York is a well. You dip your bucket in and out comes water-it could be gold and drinkable or it could be poison in a cup. You just have to see what cards fall into your hand, and make the most of it.

I love Brooklyn. It's sweet here, but in the most mutilated sense. And it hasn't always been easy. In the first year that I was living here I decided it was like a roller coaster, and took all the flips and with great speed and anticipation. It was such a mix of things, that first year. I cried, I laughed, I drank, I rode bikes in Williamsburg in the Spring, and danced in Bushwick in the snow. I was lonely, yet surrounded by more people then I have ever lived around in my life. I fell in love in so many different ways and got my heart broken in just as many.

The longer I've been here the clearer my niche becomes. I'm on a cloud now, going on three years at the end of this summer. I feel more exhilarated and creative then I have at any other point in my life. Living on a cloud right now, and the card that I see the clearest ahead of me is the high priestess. I thank New York for a lot of this. I have been incredibly inspired since living here.

I recently was interviewed for the Wearable Art Blog. If you have a chance read the interview and learn more about some of my favorite things in this fascinating, complex city here.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lp Fashion Photos and Art Show at Chelsea Hotel

I recently found out that the Desire Show, a group art showing I am participating in, will be showcasing in a gorgeous suite at the Chelsea Hotel. I am very excited about this, and look forward to showing pieces from previous collections, as well as new work. The show will be either the first or second weekend of May, and will include the work of Desideria Adame, Elizabeth Raab, Laura Sheedy and Nate Hill, among others. I am looking forward to showing with so many talented people!

Below are some beautiful new photos of my clothes. This shoot was styled by the talented duo Lp FashionPhilosophy, who I have really enjoyed working with over the past couple of weeks. Stayed tuned for photos of my clothes, also styled by Lp, which will appear in Complex D magazine.

Photographer: Spencer Kohn
Model: Kristina Roser

Monday, March 1, 2010

Sang Bleu Journal feature and Twitter

In November I was interviewed by the hilarious and talented journalist William Van Meter (who I met under the worst of circumstances in Iceland back in September). He interviewed me for an article for Sang Bleu Journal. I showed him my collections, and we spent a lot of time talking about my fascination with dead birds and taxidermy. We also discussed my dead bird tattoos, done by amazing tattoo artist Myles Karr, and the part that dead birds play in my life. I haven't been able to read the feature, because I have to wait until it was published, but I am anxious to see what it says.

Unfortunately there are not many places you can purchase the Journal in the states, but you will find a list of places it is sold in NYC (including the MoMa) on their website. Additionally this journal, which is published in London, is available for sale at bookstores in many metropolitan cities of Europe. I believe it can also be ordered online, although it is on the expensive side-like $50 each-but I've been told worth every penny. Issue 5, with a feature on me, will be launched in Paris at the OFR bookshop on March 8th.

You can find more info on the publication via the following link;

Also, on a completely different note, I'm on twitter now! You should follow me;