Saturday, October 3, 2015

'Matryoshka' Editorial in Beautiful Savage Magazine

Last time I was visiting my loves in NYC I had the pleasure of working on a gorgeous editorial with some of my favorite ladies. The editorial, titled 'Matryoshka', is out now in Beautiful Savage Magazine. I was the stylist for this shoot, and provided pieces from my own collection combined with accessories and knits from some of my other favorite designers.

All credits and full story can be found in the link above. Below are a few of my favorite outtakes from the shoot.

"The name Matryoshka comes from old Russia, where, among peasants, it was a very popular female name. According to scholars, Matryoshka contains the Latin root “mater,” meaning “Mother.” Eventually coming to symbolize the maternal image of a large, healthy peasant family, the Matryoshka inspired Russian wooden nesting dolls—constructed so they may be taken apart to reveal smaller and smaller dolls resting inside."

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Mermaids in Brooklyn: An Urban Kingdom by the Sea

"I was a child and she was a child,
In this kingdom by the sea."

-Edgar Allen Poe

This year has been an insanely busy year. Many of the adventures have been magical and wonderful... Sometimes exhausting. I ventured into my year by spending the latter part of January and most of February in freezing cold NYC. I still have a few shoots from that trip I am just getting to share. 

One of my favorite shoots was this mermaid meets punk rock inspired shoot I did with a few of my favorite ladies in Brooklyn. All of these chicks where just tough as nails, modeling in mid February 15 degree celsius temps. We took the train out to Coney Island and you could feel the icy wind cutting the metal shell of the train. But a mermaid in Brooklyn knows how to be a tough badass bitch, even on Siberian cold days. I would say that my time living in Brooklyn is one of the biggest contributing factors of my mermaid edge. I've still got a clan of beautiful mermaid babes there to visit too, and here are the pics to prove it...

Photographer: Ipek Sen
Models: Gemini Blitz, Kendalle Aubra, Marqaret Mendez
Hairstylist: Ariane Garcia
Wardrobe Stylist: Kendalle Aubra

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

'Flowers in the Attic' Editorial in Gilded Magazine

I'm happy to have my designs featured in a stunning editorial called 'Flowers in the Attic', out now in Gilded Magazine.

Photos: Kat Bret
Model: Kate Coneely
MUA: Monique Noelle
Hair: Margaret Miller
All Designs by Papusza Couture, paper crown in image with tulle skirt by Mad Elegance

Saturday, May 9, 2015

MVK Photography Editorial for FACEON Magazine

Love this editorial by MVK Photography featuring 'Merope' bodice by Papusza Couture for FACEON Magazine. Special textiles laser fabricated by Illustrious Light.

Model: Monika Ka
Wardrobe Stylist: Michelle Rivet
Hair/MUA: Julissa Garcia

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Surreal Beauty Magazine Editorial in Chinatown with Cedar House Photography

I'm so behind on blogging about my latest-a testament to the level of busy I have been during this beautiful SF Spring, after spending a vivid and highly productive winter in chilly NYC... More will be revealed about my east coast ventures at a later date.

Below you will find images from one of my favorite shoots as of late... I dreamy editorial set in San Francisco's bustling Chinatown. As seen below a few of the images where featured in Surreal Beauty Magazine.

I really enjoyed working on this shoot with a fun and talented team including Cedar House Photography and model Neon Lolita. Most of the garments in images below and more can be found for sale in my etsy shop.

Monday, January 19, 2015

"Sweet Snowflakes" Editorial in Kai'outi Magazine

Happy new year to all!!

I am delighted to be engrossed in many magical and exciting projects in 2015. I look forward to sharing those as they come. I was sincerely thrilled to see my pieces in a stunning winter editorial entitled "Sweet Snowflakes" in the January issue of Kai'outi Magazine. Kudos to a brilliant team for making this magical editorial happen! Credits are as follows:

Photographer: Jorge Moreno Jr.
Model: Neon Lolita
Wardrobe: Papusza Couture
MU/Hair: Monique Noelle