Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sang Bleu 5, Featuring Papusza Article, Now For Sale in NYC

"Papusza's methods are resoundingly odd, but her creations are subtle and far from a horror show. Unless some of the embellishments are pointed out, one might not even notice that a large bead is actually a pigeon skull dangling from a braid. Her work melds fashion to fine art and to a display at a natural history museum."

-Excerpt from "The Bird Woman of Brooklyn," an article by William Van Meter in Sang Bleu Journal

Sang Bleu 5 is now available for purchase in New York. It can also be purchased at numerous locations, and on the web here, where you can also find a complete list of locations to purchase Sang Bleu in New York, Europe and Japan.

Photo taken by Kat + Duck in Paris before the issue was released in the states. Portrait of me taken by Alex O'Neill.

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