Thursday, August 5, 2010

Papusza Couture @ Alexander McQueen Tribute Show

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to show some of my pieces, both from older collections and my upcoming Paramicha collection, for an Alexander McQueen tribute show last week. The show was put on by Adam's Group Productions for IMTA, and was held in the midtown Manhattan ballroom on July 28th.

Taxidermy Seagull Outfit. There is a bustle on the back of mink skirt made of wings, and bone and feather embellishing bodice, from the same seagull as wings.


Vampella Dress.

McQueen is an extremely honorable person to tribute. Those of you that have been following my work might know of my great love of his beautiful collections, and what a huge inspiration he was to me. I know many other young designers feel the same way. In honor of him I showed 2 of the dresses from my Paramicha collection, which I will be fully debuting in the fall. I also showed 2 dresses from my recent Oceania Etherea Collection, including one made of mink and taxidermied seagull parts, and the long white ghostcape, strewn with peacock feathers. The fifth piece I showed was my Vampella dress, handmade of vintage Italian lace from the 1940's.

High Priestess Dress.

The Paramicha dresses are very dear to me. A series of dresses made of a deck of tarot cards is part of this collection, and I showed 2 of these dresses in the McQueen tribute show. The "High Priestess Dress" is a personal favorite, made of fair trade hand woven silk from Pakistan, tulle hand dyed by me, and a selected 7 cards, in reflection of the traditional tarot Ellipse spread. In honor of McQueen I made a gown based around the "Death Card." The Death Card itself sits in a collar piece, which also includes the Moon Card, among other cards encased in the skirt. Personally, the moon represents peace to me, which is why I thought it was appropriate to use in the gown. I used 5 cards in the "Death Card" dress, in reflection of the five card spread.

"Death Card" Gown.

Please stay tuned to see more tarot card dresses, among other pieces from the Paramicha Collection.

Most importantly, it was very lovely to be able to tribute McQueen with my pieces. I am still so deeply saddened by the loss of his exquisite works in the fashion world. He was a huge inspiration, and I always looked forward to seeing what he would come up with each season. We were lucky to have him as a part of history in our time.