Friday, December 24, 2010

Paramicha at the Wearable Art Awards

I am excited to announce that 2 looks from Paramicha, including Katie Burley's couture burka's and my couture tarot gowns, will be exhibited in the 2011 Wearable Art Awards! We will be showing the "Death Card" look and the "High Priestess." Find beautiful photos taken by Elizabeth Raab below, as well as the Artist Statement for Paramicha. Makeup by Chris Milone, hair by Ariane Garcia and model Anelisa Durham.


by Papusza Couture With Couture Millinery by Katie Burley

“Paramicha: (noun) Gypsy fairy tales, told for the skill of the storyteller.”

Paramicha-a work in progress-is a collection of wearable art and, made primarily using tarot cards, incorporating an eclectic variety of fair trade ethnic fabrics, as well as heirloom objects and cultural symbols, in reflection of the traveling spirit. The garments, an ode to the Roma (aka Gypsies), include tarot cards from Aleister Crowley’s Thoth and Tarot of the Cat People decks. The beaded, couture burka was created with the intent of limiting verbal communication so that the cards may become the sole messenger.

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