Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Papusza: Featured Artist at SCOPE International Art Fair Night Event

Siku, Inuit for ice, is an installation exhibiting the idea of beauty, nature and pain being frozen in time. It is a mixed media couture installation made using taxidermy, antique lace, fabric, feathers and bones.

To close 2010 I was given an amazing opportunity to showcase a couture installation at the SCOPE International Art Fair Night Event-in Miami during Basel week-as the featured artist. The event I showcased at was produced by Artists Wanted. The finished piece was exuberantly received, and I couldn't have pulled it off without the help of amazing milliner Katie Burley, who, along with being my right hand woman, designed the beautiful Antler Crown worn by "Siku: The Ice Queen."

My piece was defined by a 7 1/2 foot tall and 6 foot in diameter steel, antique lace, bone and antler 3 hooped crinoline. Within in this contraption amazing model Ashley Garner sat, in character all night, wearing a dove feather and calve bone corset, a steel boned antique lace and dove feather Elizabethan collar piece, and antique lace and steel boned petticoat. Katie Burley's beautiful veiled antler and moss crown, as well as her special antler talons, perfectly complimenting the look. Janice Quijano built a beautiful ice-like wig worn under the crown to complete the look operatically.

See pictures, with corresponding photo credits, below.

I wanna say thanks to the following for making this project possible: Katie Burley, Nicholas Goodwin, Val McKinnon, Ashley Garner, Janice Quijano, Rosanna Scimeca, Tom Ryder, Ryan O'Connor, William Etundi, Evan Collier and of course the Land of the Northern Lights-the realm which dreams are made of.

Photos by Shannon Cahill:

Photo by Tomas Loewy.

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