Monday, August 20, 2012

Papusza's Muses

So many beautiful girls to dress... In so many places, with so little time... Here are some shots of some of my favorite ladies looking incredible whilst rocking my wears. Enjoy! Xx New York City Rachel Singer-Nightlife Personality and Fashion Stylist
Ali Luminescent-Performer, Acrobat and Artist
Jacey Exo-Model and Fluffy head
Michaeline Sexton-Actress and Model
Miami Ashley Garner-Fashion Editor, Photographer and Blogger
LA (Lost Angeles) Mika Mae-Writer, Artist, Model and Stylist (First 3 Photos by Ali Scarpulla. Last 2 Photo by Magdalena Olak.)
Annie Su-Artist, Model and Designer.
Washington Caitin Stickels-Model, Artist and Writer
San Francisco


  1. LOVE your beautiful magical world!

  2. I love you Kaytee!!! You're so beautiful inside and out.