Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Papusza Trousseau: Custom Bridal and Heirloom Couture

"To gaze once upon her was to be filled with love for her. When she smiled roses blossomed; when she wept pearls fell from her eyes, and grass grew wherever her feet trod. The fame of her beauty spread far and wide." -Quote from Turkish fairytale, 'The Rose-Beauty'

In the past few years, since moving to California from NYC, I have spent a lot of time creating custom bridal and heirloom couture. I recently created a new portfolio for this line, entitled "Papusza Trousseau". This line consists of specialty custom gowns, dresses and separates-made for clients with memorable occasions-from specialty high end fabrics and/or heirloom materials. These garments are made to be part of a very magical memory and story, to capture a fragment of every lovely ladies heart, and pin it on her sleeve. Made to make dreams come true, these couture garments will last lifetimes. Some occasions I have made Trousseau couture for include weddings, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries and gala's. If you are interested in having a couture gown made for you please feel for to inquire for details at papuszacouture@gmail.com.

Above photos of couture "Flower Fairy Wedding Gown" by Julie Hanna.

Above photos of "Ocean Parachute Gown" by Darren Miller. This gown is a parachute gown that can be worn longer or shorter, as pictured. It includes a hand tinted petticoat that has 2 dozen macaw parrot and albino peacock feathers as well as nearly 50 tiny bells.

Photo by Katie Wright.

Photo by Sarah Sparkles.

Photo by John Keon.

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