Tuesday, November 4, 2014

"Undine" Art Couture Prsentation at The de Young Museum

I am proud to announce that I had my first museum showcase of art couture a couple of weeks back. I debuted my newest collection of sea inspired work-titled "Undine"-as part of beautiful memorial show called "What Tethers Us?". This emotive and stunning show included many talented artist from around the SF area, and was curated by visionary artist Deidre DeFranceaux, who released brilliant collection of mermaid inspired paintings at the show.

My collection Undine is a fine art couture collection, conveying the erie spirit of the sea, and all the injured lives and souls that are washed clean by it's waters. In mythology an Undine is a nymph-like water spirit, eternally immortal unless she is captured by certain elements of landlocked life. Inspired by this mythology, the garments of this collection are melancholy, haunting and ethereal. Each garment is hand made as a giant wind chime of sorts, using unconventional materials such as abalone shells, broken china, sea glass and silver wear... All objects that one might find on the floor of the sea after a ship wreck, ideal treasures for a spritely water spirit to be adorned in. These objects are incorporated in the garments in a way that allows them to create musical noise when they are worn and ignited with movement.  The idea is that this movement brings a magical sense of life with it. This collection of art couture is an ode to the singing spirits of the sea, being carried to us upon the wind to whisper their secrets to us.

Have a glimpse of the collection and some magical moments from the Papusza Couture presentation of the show below...


Photos by Regina Marie

All garments designed and fabricated by Papusza Couture
Custom accessories and millinery by Mad Elegance
Hair and makeup design by Ellementals

Model: Audra Horride with the paintings of Deidre DeFranceaux

Model: Kate Coneely

Model: Jonny Signer

Model: Ashley Garner

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