Monday, January 25, 2016

The Lost Sirens: 'Street Siren' out now in Kirameki Magazine

"We are all laying in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." -Oscar Wilde

This collection is a story about true love in the age of youth... Beautiful and whole-heartedly blind; so much so that it eventually leaves you with a hole in your own heart. This is a story of magic and destruction, of the breathtaking emotional highs and lows that every facet of lovesickness is borne out of-angst to sightless euphoria and everything in between.

These clothes are an homage to the young destroyers, the misfits, the vandals, the freaks, the runaways and the beautifully broken. It's a story about the stargazing grunge queens with tears in their eyes and and the smoke of spliff on their tongues. Or the mind-numbingly drunk punk rock princesses, bruise covered and fragmented in their pain... Trying to hurt on the outside to distract themselves from what's within.

They are 'The Lost Sirens'... Angsty feral dreamers, strong enough that they think they can eat the flesh and bones of their young destroyer love boys.... But in the fall of this euphoric idea of "love" the Sirens are the ones who are lost enough that they end up with cracked and broken hearts. I guess that's how the light eventually starts to find it's way into them.


To continue to see this collection of unique streetwear as it develops please follow the tumblr archiving the photoshoots that document it as well as the things that inspire it.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the most recent shoot of the collection, out now in Kirameki Magazine.


Photographer: Chantel Beam
Model: Lana
All clothes by Papusza Couture 

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