Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Papusza Couture at Iceland Fashion Week

Greetings! I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer and is getting excited for all the fashion shows in the fall as I am. I am thrilled to be showing during New York Fashion Week at the Purple Fashion Show.

Additionally I am absolutely elated with excitement about the collection I will be debuting at Iceland Fashion Week at the Viking Museum in Keflavik on September 5th. The show is called "Walk on Water," and will be showcased on a runway built out of water bottles that looks like a viking canoe. I will be showing, along with 25 other incredibly talented indapendant fashion designers from around the world. Find a full list of designers and more information about the event at

I am going to be showing a collection entitled Oceania Etherea. Following is the press release and description:

"Papusza Couture will be presenting the collection Oceania Etherea for Iceland Fashion Week in Setpember of '09. Designer Kaytee P has always had a fascination with the world of birds, feathers and flight. Kaytee's nostalgic love of the sea, and her childhood spent close to the natural beauty of the Western U.S coastline, are the inspirations for this collection.

In the ethereal oceans birds live in the recesses of the deep. Feathers float and cool tones calm her aesthetic in the airy bright balance of the sky. These elements are fused with the rich, deep luxury that exists at the bottom of the sea, conveyed by seashells, shimmery treasures of metallics, luscious furs and hand dyed wave patterns on her garments. To view Kaytee's previous collections or to contact the designer about custom garments and/or purchasing please go to her website at "

And for inspiration here are some images of Iceland...


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