Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Things are not always what they seem to be...

So I'm back from Iceland and relieved to be in New York where, ironically, I feel like I can finally get some rest. My trip in Iceland was insane... surreal... and very, VERY strange. At this point I still can't even grasp what happened, and am not at a point where I feel I can explain or rehash the situation, as I am still learning more and more details and trying to get a handle on it myself. I feel overwhelmed by a mix of emotion, and am both heart broken by the vision I lost, and also thankful to have met some really talented people while I was there.

"Iceland Fashion Week" was an array of catastrophes, chaos, deception, disorganization and utter physical and emotional exhaustion. It is true that some of my pieces were damaged. I am heart broken because I had to unpack a suitcase yesterday that was a collection of brittle broken bird bones and cracked wings (which I was only given 15 minutes to pack, thus causing them to be damaged when we were forced to haul our collections up hills and stairs to escape the frightening stage/runway we were told we had to show on). I am also heart broken that I was not able to show in the beauty of Iceland as I had envisioned my collection would be shown.

On the positive I met some really interesting and talented designers from all over the world. I also got to see Iceland, which as many of you know is something I have always wanted to do. I need to go back under better circumstances so I can really spend some time bonding with the land there (which is like the moon overgrown with moss next to the ocean; mind you a perfect place for Papusza's to dream). I also found things about the mythology in their culture to be very endearing and charming (like their belief in trolls, elves and giants). I was also on the airplane with Bjork on the way back to New York from Iceland (no joke!!!). I will write more on this at a later date.

Anyways, I am glad to be back in New York, where I am attempting to just recharge and re cooperate from it all. I have to run a few post trip errands today, but other then that plan to spend my next couple of days reading, sleeping, eating and meeting with Elizabeth Raab to plan the making of her wedding gown (with bird bones I think!!).

Posted below are links to some of the articles, blogs and a pre-press release from all this chaos and shambles. Little things keep coming out of the wood work and there are still many stories to be told. I look forward to hearing them all. When my energy level is higher and I have the emotional capacity to rehash the whole situation I will be able to write about it. I will also continue posting articles from blogs and in the press as they come in about this catastrophe.

A big thank you to everyone who has helped me and believed in me as an artist. Although I am exhausted now I still stand passionately behind my work and my vision, and will only continue to move forward. Hopefully in the future my creations will not be tarnished by negative experiences and situations that cause them to get hurt. I will do everything that I can to protect them.

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  1. Hi :)
    i was one of your models, i'm sad to hear some of your designs got damaged :(.. i at least hope you enjoyed iceland and thank you for the weekend :)

  2. As someone living in Iceland. I am very sorry of what happened to you. Kolla is a moron. I hope you will come back here and meet qualified people.

    I am sorry.