Thursday, October 14, 2010

Papusza Couture Conjoined Gown on the Stilted Siamese Twin Muses

A couple of weeks ago the fairytale of the Stilted Siamese Twins began. The fairytale was born organically, but the candy colored conjoined dress was dreamlike on the stilted sister, connected at the hip, and a mirror image of opposing colors.

When I created the dress in September (initially for swing girls at Soiree) I had the image of Victorian Valentine's in my mind... you may know the type; filled with birds, hearts, bowing fellows and giggling doll-like girls. The conjoined dress was made using shantung silk, which I hand dyed or feather appliqued heart-like patterns on around the chests, and tons of hand dyed tulle. The hearts are important because as I made it I thought a lot about how conjoined twins often share organs of the body, which often leads to the end of one or both of their lives. I also think heart/love is important in drawing 2 being close together (literally), as the organic process of being born connected would certainly create a closeness of hearts. In contrast, the gowns were created in opposing colors, to represent different personalities and allow them their own individuality.

I was so happy when amazing performers Ali Luminescent and Christine Geiger (also and awesome makeup artist) wore the dress on stilts, in character, to perform at very exciting fantastical party. That was the night that the "Cotton Candy Flavored Victorian Siamese Twin Stilting Act" was born. The ladies did a beautiful job with their own hair, wigs and accessories, to perfectly compliment the dresses.

The party was in honor of several very important affairs; primarily Cynthia Von Buhler's birthday. Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman where also guests of honor at the affair, and toasted their engagement. This was very exciting to me as I love Amanda's music and have been reading Neil's graphic novels since I was 11.

I was sad that I was unable to attend the fabulous party. I was happy that so many fantastic people captured photos of it. There was a floor full of mermaids covering the bathroom tiles and in the tub, CVB wore a mer-tail on a bed in the center of the room all night, there was an amazing merry go ride for party goers to play on, and Amanda Palmer performed live! I would have loved to have been there. There was even an incredible machine, full of otherworldly scenes, created by Empire S.N.A.F.U.-see more beautiful work here.

I plan to continue developing the character of the Stilted Siamese Twins. Stay tuned for more projects in the upcoming months.

In the meantimes feast your eyes on some beautiful shots from the party...

Photo by Mark Hoffman

Siamese Twins chat with Cynthia Von Buhler (on bed in tail), Molly Crabapple and Larisa Fuchs. Photo by Paul Weiner.

Photo by Paul Weiner.

The twins among the party goers. Photo from Ali Luminescent.

The girls play with the Empire S.N.A.F.U. machine. Photo from Ali Luminescent.

Amanda Palmer performing. Photo by Scott Dakota.

This was the bathroom!!! Photo by Scott Dakota.

Toasting Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman's engagement. Photo by Paul Weiner.

Cheers! Photo by Scott Dakota.

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