Saturday, October 2, 2010

Papusza Couture on Sale for Halloween on Smashing Darling!

Halloween for Papusza is what Christmas is for Santa! Every year I grow overwhelmed with excitement as October gets closer. Making Halloween costumes is one of my favorite things to do. Every year I enjoy creating magical costumes for others and myself to wear. This year I have a very extravagant costume I am creating for myself, and have also already started getting orders for fun custom costumes. From Peter Pan to the Birds of War, among many others, Papusza's house of birdland will be a fun factory of magic and spook this year!!!

In celebration of this magical holiday I am happy to be putting certain fine art costume couture items in my boutique on Smashing Darling on SALE for half of their original price! Please take a look-you might find something special and unique to make your costume this year really stand apart.

I am also still taking orders for special deals on Custom Halloween Costumes. Don't forget-it is, after all, October... don't wait until the last minute if you need something amazing to wear on the last eve of the month!!! I promise, I can make you something that you won't see anyone else wearing or find at a mass produced costume super store!

Happy Fall to all... and I am very excited to celebrate a extra spooky and magical Halloween this year!!!

Photo by Kat Bret. Neopolitan Cupcake dress for SALE in Smashing Darling Boutique!!!!!!!!!

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