Sunday, February 27, 2011

Papusza's Saint Valentine Dress-Winner at Patricia Fields Valentine's Ball!!!

This year for the Patricia Fields Valentine's Ball I had the honorable pleasure of designing my darling friend, muse and associate Rachel Singer an outfit to wear. Rachel and I decided that Saint Valentine's a la Dia De Los Muertos meets Elizabethan Couture would be a good route to go. I designed her a gown using a beautiful golden vestment fabric (which happens to be the same fabric I bought the first day I moved to New York 4 years ago), which had accents in gold, orange and pink. The dress was strewn with golden chains and grommets, a side tilted steel bone hooped skirt and a bodice that matched the crucifixes on the fabric. I had been conceptualizing this gown for years. Beneath Rachel wore little rose brocaded orange and gold hot pants I made her, and over the bodice a bra adorned with giant flaming heart lights (that lit up!) over each breast. On her head she wore a 10 lb. antler head piece, made using leftover antlers from the piece I recently showed during Basel Miami at The SCOPE International Art Fair. Her makeup was done with the talents of mua Lysette Drumgold.

Rachel was the first prize winner at the ball's costume competition, and received a generous gift certificate to enjoy using at Pat Field's boutique on Bowery. I take this as an enormous compliment, being that I have loved Miss Field's work for years. See some fun photos of us getting Rachel ready for the evening taken by Analisa Deolaso.

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