Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gemma Fleming's "SPARE" Featuring Papusza LIMBS

In January my darling friend, associate and fellow artist Gemma Fleming debuted her most recent short film, SPARE at HNM's Pain Exhibit. SPARE features performances by Maxine Nienow and Michaeline Sexton, among others. I had the pleasure of custom making Papusza LIMB tights and a mask for the areal portion of the film. LIMBS are for sale, and can be purchased from me if you email me at or go through my Smashing Darling. For a full list of the talented people involved in creating this piece go here or you can check out SPARE below. Also, look at Gemma's website to see details about her upcoming show in Manhattan, "Not a Fairy Tale."

"SPARE" from Gemma Fleming on Vimeo.

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