Sunday, May 8, 2011

Life Outside NY Part 2: Arizona; the Quietest Place on Earth

As many of you know I have been traveling around the country for the past couple of months. I have fallen behind on my blog updates about my experiences, and have a little catching up to do. I left New York to go traveling mid February. The first stop was Austin, where I enjoyed myself at South by Southwest music festival. You can read a little bit about that experience here.

After my time in Austin I took the train from there to Tucson, Arizona. I lived in Tucson for a couple of years when I first started college. I had not been back to visit since I left and was happy to return to my old stomping ground and see some amazing old friends.

While I was there the 4th Avenue Street Fair was happening. Talented hooper Zoe Rae and I dressed up in crazy Day of the Dead inspired ensembles and made an appearance at the Fair, with a portable store to sell some of my hand dyed tights. We had quite an interesting experience, and where certainly one of the most exciting looking duo's at the fair. My beautiful hat and skirt where made by dear friend and amazing designer Cynthia Smith. See some beautiful photos below taken by Jessica Castillo documenting the adventurous afternoon...

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