Monday, May 2, 2011

Ligatia Curiosa at the supperclub SF, May 6th

Katie Burley and Papusza Couture collaborate to make magic again!

After having collaborated on the installation “Siku” at the Scope International Art Fair and work in progress collection “Paramicha” Katie Burley and Papusza Couture collaborate again, making even more magic!

Friday, May 6th come to the Bondage Dinner at the supperclub SF and enjoy “Ligatia Curiosa”-the 2 artists conjoint new collection. Ligatia Curiosa features head pieces, lingerie, bondage wear, and beyond made using taxidermy and bones, inspired by mythical creatures. Enjoy and encounter a fashionable Cyclops or two, a caged Unicorn, conjoined fox and coyote faces fighting at the heart and much, much more. The things that you see will be sure to leave your mind filled with awe and inspiration; whirling with curiosity.

Make reservations here. Also, if you make your reservations before Wednesday you will receive a glass of FREE champagne and mention on Sexploration with Monika!!! Find more info here.

We hope to see you there. If you are not in SF be sure to spread the word about the show to your friends that are in the Bay!!! Those who attend will be in for a strange and otherworldly feast for the eyes.

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Work from the designers past collections:

Photo by Elizabeth Raab

Photo by Shannon Cahill

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