Sunday, January 8, 2012

Life Outside NY Part 5: Seattle, Grunge is Not Dead

Those of you who have been following Papusza since the early days know that I first launched my couture in Seattle. I embarked upon the journey into the heart of my creative vision in this rainy city... the aesthetic of the grunge era, Seattle at it's forefront, still plays a huge role in my aesthetic, especially when it comes to streetwear. Seattle is a city alive with artistic spirit, and some of the finest craftsmen I have come to know. There also lies a tremendous creative community in Seattle, which I will forever be grateful for.

Before moving to New York, the community I had in Seattle provided me with the support, encouragement and inspiration I needed to have the faith and desire to move my work forward on a much broader scale. Without Seattle, I never would have found the courage to move to New York, and without New York I never would have had all the opportunities to travel and get press and exposure on an international level.

I have hardly had a chance to return to the Emerald City, since moving away over 5 years ago. I was excited to head back this past summer, having the opportunity to work with a couple designer friends of mine, and reconnect with artist friends I have there. After my adventures last spring in SF I headed north, and found a mish mash of my old friends. I won't go into specifics, but the Summer was full of experiences, both positive and negative. Returning helped me remember just how much I have done and how much my work has grown... it also reminded me what a wonderful artist community I still have in that rainy city... although I can only handle the summers there. At this point in my life the grey rainy season is to much for me to bear.

See some photos below capturing some of the adventures I had in Seattle while I was visiting this past Summer...

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