Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Gypsy In New York....

I dream about it all the time... other realms, elements and places that travel has a tendency to purge you into. I like being mobile. I like the idea of being nomadic, and have enjoyed the smaller encounters I have had with being a traveler throughout my life. I adapt well, I like strange new experiences. I want to culminate my creativity by seeing how people live in places in the world I have yet to see.

I am a dreamer. I need freedom and stimulation to thrive. I get bored easily, and I constantly need my ideas to be fed so that I can continue to create with the passion that drives me. I like to be part of the otherworldly, and could cease having a sediment existence for awhile. I could be a gypsy, living my life out of the palm of my hand. I could sell my art, and travel the world. See Bangkok and Berlin, Rio De Janeiro and Moscow. From Alaska to Greenland, wish I could kiss the arctic tundras. I want to touch the sand of Ocho Rios, and swim in the sea with corals kissing the things I see.

So what does one do to make it happen? My thoughts on travel have been inclusive of many possible options. I have considered putting all my things in storage and subletting my apartment, then picking up for a few months with a savings in hand, and visiting friends in either Europe or Thailand. I have considered artist residencies, still a nice viable option. The main incentive in regards to that would be creating positive networks with other artists I can work with internationally, to continue to culminate ideas influenced by otherworldly elements. I like the idea of working with people who are used to an entirely different cultural norm then what I am acclimated to. I find that their perspective gives me a positive influence.

The other conflict I have with all this gypsy fever is that I live in New York. For some reason, New York is not an easy city for me to leave. Every time I go I suffer these weird little pangs of anxiety in the days leading up to my departure. Once I leave I have these little bouts of relief and am so glad to be out of the city. After being away a few days I adjust to the pace and it is great. Although... I do always realize when I leave that if I wasn't living in NY I don't know where else I would culminate what I do. Sure there are other great cities all around the world, and I suppose that is why living internationally is really appealing to me. But in the states I don't know where I would find so many talented individuals so driven and happy to work with me on my projects, and share their creativity.

I love the spirit of New York City. Of Brooklyn, my sweet, sweet Brooklyn. Living here has done amazing things for my wealth of life experiences, and my sense of self. I need to continue to allow those experiences to grow. But in order to stay here I will need to find ways to leave for brief flashes of time, breath without the city. Get inspiration outside of the urban chaos that surrounds me. Be a gypsy in New York. Where will I find my next dreams when I am wondering through my sleep, and I wake tirelessly and lucid with the next adventure?


Photo by my darling Victoria Collier. Taken in Brooklyn, NY, Summer of 2008.

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