Thursday, October 15, 2009

A psychedelic tea party in the east village, Alice... And other news.

Little recap on what's been going on in my life this past week... very creative, productive and lovely! I had my article posted on the Smashing Darling blog about the Sirius* and Sodafine show. Then I spent my weekend building wild props for my Alice in NYC (and the psychedelic tea party!!!) shoot. After that fantastic shoot I did another lovely one yesterday, which I will post pics from when they come...

Anyways, check out this blog I wrote about the lovely Siri and Erin, 2 of my favorite designers in Brooklyn; Sirius and Sodafine Do It Again ( Both Ladies are awesome and I totally dig not only their shows, but also their clothes! They are both boutique owners here in BK, and have been setting a strong foundation for indie and emerging designers to succeed here in NYC, which often feels like the land of mass produced fashion. I love them! Read the blog on SD, and next time you are in Willyburg stop by their boutiques to find some fab new threads.

Siri also just started a line of stunning chain crochet necklaces called Sirius* Lux (soon up at ). She was kind enough to let me borrow a very collar-like copper one for my photoshoot with photographer Mikey Pozarik ( on Monday. The shoot was a blast. The whole team kicked ass, and I really enjoyed creating with them. The hair and makeup where incredibly creative and stunning. The models did a great job, especially considering the chilly fall weather conditions, and the goose bumps they encountered. ANDDD.... the photography was mind blowing. Mikey is a very talented Australian photographer that has been in NY for a couple of years. I am impressed with his previous body of works and I really loved the stunning eerie quality of his lighting for this particular shoot, the way that the shadows cast and the models told a story in how they were positioned. In all regards it was a fantastic shoot. I also really enjoyed designing some of the props for it!!
Photographer Mikey Pozarik. Hair by Bronnie Knot, assisted by Dina. Makeup by Mia. Models; Ivy, Lana, Rebecca and Elizabeth. Styling by Rachel Singer. From top picture-millinery far left by Tessa Morehouse ( Crochet copper mill end chain collar center left by Sirius* Lux ( Earrings by Mayapple designs.

Yesterday did another shoot with the lovely photographer Jaclyn Lucia. The team kicked ass on that one too, and I am really looking forward to seeing the images. I will post more on that when they come in!!

Stay tuned for the many photoshoots I plan to be doing in the upcoming months. I have an entire new collection, Oceania Etherea, which I just started working with photographers on photoshoots for this week. Many more crazy conceptual fine art and fashion stories featuring my collection to come, along with exciting accessories from talented jewelry and millinery designers! I will keep ya posted!

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