Monday, September 27, 2010

Amazing Custom Halloween Costumes!!!!!

Bloody Crow. Photo by Elizabeth Raab.

I am making custom Halloween costumes this year for a very special deal! I am making costumes for men, women and children. Adults costumes start at $100 and children's costumes will start at $50. I have made all kinds of gorgeous costumes in the past and am capable of making you a costume for anything you could possibly imagine. I also have a great imagination and am happy to work with you to help come up with the perfect thing for you to be for Halloween this year.

Please feel free to email me with any inquiries at I suggest placing your order asap, as October is just around the corner, and is bound to be busy! This special price will only be available through October 9th. Starting October 10th I will be charging my normal rate for Halloween costumes.

Here are some samples of Halloween and other costumes I have made in the past. There are many more on my website.

Bloody Swan. Photo by Elizabeth Raab

Giant Bloody Cunt, my costume last year.

Narcissister in Siamese Dress. Photo by Jonathon Murphy.

Max-Where the Wild Things Are.

Pheasant. Photo by Bethany Antikajian.

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