Monday, September 6, 2010

The Sea of Moon; Photos by Ali Scarpulla. An Ode to Iceland.

Those of you who have been following my work for more then a year know all about my experience at "Iceland Fashion Week." It was exactly one year ago that I found myself in the depth of it-and the waters were chaotic. I won't get into the who, when, where or what's of it here. I'm saving the indulgences of my full story for close personal friends and people from the press-although someday, if I ever write a book about all the bizarre things that have occurred in my life, the Iceland FW story will very likely be included.

In the meantime, feel free to read the blog I wrote upon returning from the odd-and slightly traumatic-trip here. You should also check out Bill Van Meter's artile for New York Magazine-which is the most accurate coverage of what actually went down last September in Iceland. Also, please note that I am quoted as wanting to "barf on my face five times" in the article-which is really something I said and, in hindsight, quite hilarious.

Those of you who know me well know about my obsession with Iceland, from the time that I was a very young girl. You also might know about how incredibly broken up and upset I was upon returning from "IFW" last fall. It was one of the most difficult times of my creative career-while also being one the most important learning experiences I have ever had as an artist. I grew very emotionally attached to the collection that I made to show there, but unfortunately was not able to. That being said, the past year has provided me with a handful of wonderful opportunities to show and talk about the story behind the collection, entitled Oceania Etherea-inspired by the birds that I dreamt lived at the bottom of the ocean around the beautiful land of glaciers of lava rocks that look like moons.

I yearned for Iceland when I was child, before I really even understood what it was. As an adult and an artist through my early 20's I always said that going to Iceland was the number one priority on my list of places I had to go in life. I lived the dream, and it was not what I expected. Yet being there, experiencing the light of the North, seeing the land, feeling the sun so high in the sky, smelling the air from that sea... it made me understand Iceland really was a home to my spirit, in a way that no other place ever will be. Even after living the dream, turned nightmare, I yearn for this beautiful land made of fire, ice, sky and sea.

A few weeks back I was given the opportunity to shoot some pieces from the Oceania Etherea collection with amazing photographer Ali Scarpulla, and muse model Mika Jones. The photos came out surreal, and painted a sliver of a vivid picture of the dream that I had initially hoped Iceland would be. Seeing them, and remembering, I can finally say the Iceland debacle has finally come full circle. I think I need to go back though, but just for fun this time...

Above; photo of me taken by Rachel, last September in Iceland on the rocks outside the "Church of Wishes."


  1. amazing. I am so happy you have been able to turn your moments in iceland into something so beautiful ... you are a true designer Kaytee ... don't ever stop. ever.

    ps. I hope you do get the opportunity to go back some day.

  2. Thank you trish. Iceland did come full circle, and in the end left me with positive experiences in my life, although while it was happening it was very painful.

    And I promise, I will NEVER stop making clothes <3