Saturday, March 26, 2011

Life Outside NY Part 1: Austin and SXSW

As many of you know I am on a bit of a leave from New York for a few months. After doing nearly a dozen shows in less then a 6 month period, moving from Brooklyn into Manhattan and barely ever getting to leave the city for things other then work I decided it was time for a break. I have been living in the big apple now for about 4 years, and although I love it enormously I have gotten so caught up in the hustle and bustle of existing there that I had forgotten what life outside New York was like. I am happy to report that the escape has been awakening and I am happy to be on this trip.

My first stop was Austin, where I spent a little more then a month. Got to make some art with my dear friend and associate Desideria Adame and spend some fun times in the great little city of ATX. It was quite a charming place and I will definitely be returning.

The finale week of the trip was South by Southwest, one of the many great film and music festivals in Austin. I saw a ton of awesome bands-my favorite the "Japanese Action Comic Punk" band Peelander-Z. I also got to see a ton of great friends who where visiting for or playing at the festival-a couple of which I hadn't seen in over a year. One of the highlights was taking a ride on a giant mustache seasaw.

See photos of some of my favorite moments below. Stay tuned for more on my adventures of life outside the big city.


Moustache Seasaw

My besties!!!!

Hand painted kid leather gloves I made.

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