Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Love Letter Dress/"No Such As What I Want" by Ransom & Mitchell

Over the Spring I had the pleasure of creating a piece for a shoot with the incredibly talented team of masterminds Ransom & Mitchell. This was the first time I had a chance to work with the genius duo-and really a whole team of ass kickers at that-and I truly enjoyed every moment of the creative experience. The piece was titled "No Such As What I Want" and was created to be a part of the Troublesome Houses Show, an ode to brilliant singer/songwriter Will Oldham.

I created The Love Letter Dress for the piece... a super romantic gown inspired by the music of the artist, and the dreamy, rustic, haunted atmosphere of the gorgeous set that Stacey Ransom built. I adored making this gown, it was deeply inspired, and I spent many, many hours fine-tuning every detail of it. See pics of the dress and the final image for "No Such As What I Want" below.


Photographer/Creative Director: Jason Mitchell (see website via Ransom & Mitchell link above)
Set Designer/Photo Illustrator: Stacey Ransom (see website via Ransom & Mitchell link above)
Model: Alexzandria Jade
Hair/MU: Jihyun Kim
Wardrobe: www.papuszacouture.com
Gaffer: Joseph Mendoza

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