Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Papusza Couture "Pleiades" Collection at See Me for NYFW

As many of you may already know I recently debuted a new collection of art couture, entitled "Pleiades", at the See Me Exhibition Space for NYFW. I worked long and laborious days for months straight, creating this new collection of work and prepping for the show. The pieces of couture included in this collection are primarily made of metal, plastic and acrylic-with the use of fabric textiles as accents. I used a combination of mediums in producing these pieces of couture-ranging from old world to futuristic techniques-and I was fortunate to collaborate with laser designer Keelan Kelly on custom producing fibers for several of the pieces. My talented milliner friend and collaborator, Katie Burley, created some beautiful millinery to accompany the collection including a couture metal burka, an ice veil and a silvery jeweled turban.

The catch phrase of the collection is "If All the Gold in Egypt Turned to Snow", thus encompassing a sleigh of stunning models and magical performers, all adorned in icy colors and frosty textures formed into strong and dominating silhouettes. The muses and performers conveyed an aire of Egyptian magick meets Nordic surrealism and allure, and the couture was sharp and powerful armor, composed of elements such as sacred geometry and ice. I feel honored to have worked with so many talented people on this show, and hope to have the opportunity to work with all again on future projects.

The couture was shown alongside sculptures and installation of artist Rosanna Scimeca. Stay tuned for the fashion film of the collection, shot and produced by Gemma Fleming, which had it's screening debut at the opening, just before I presented the collection. Other credits for the show are listed below. I was truly and deeply moved by the magic that came out of this show, and am delighted to have had an opportunity to share this work with the world.


Playing Milk-Sanaz Gangei
Playing Saw-Kendalle Fiasco
Singing Bjork-Rachel Grivas
Fan Dancing-Christine Geiger


Ashley Garner, Kate Verb, Gennie Glahn, Eugina Williams.


Ariane Garcia and Jeanise Aviles.


Tiffani Argentina and Melissa Grisby.

Special thanks to William Etudni and See Me Gallery for hosting our event. Additional thanks to Dorothy Trojanowski, Kendalle Fiasco, Gemma Fleming, Benjamin Cerf, Rachel Singer and Ryan O'Conner for helping us with this show.

If you did not get to view the collection and would like to it will be on exhibition at the See Me Exhibition Space until the end of the week.

Photos below taken by Ariane Garcia:

Photos below taken by Raymond Haddad

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