Thursday, May 27, 2010

Chelsea Hotel Art Show Pictures

Here are some images of my showing at Desire Group Art Show at the Chelsea Hotel last weekend.

Photo by Maleen Dalan

Photo by Kati Williams

Photo by Maleen Dalan. Collaboration Project with pieces from my collections, Maleen Dalan's menswear (on upper right hand side of bed) and sculpture and jewelry of Desideria Adame. They were a pleasure to collab with!

Photo by Kati Williams. Vagina sculpture by Desideria Adame.

Photo by Kati Williams High Priestess Tarot Card Dress

Photo by Maleen Dalan

Photo by Kati Williams. This dress is called (lucas) the star. It is made to represent the star tarot card (with the card sewn into the dress), as well as ultrasounds and egg shells. It is in honor of my new nephew, Lucas, who was born the Monday following the show.

Photo by Maleen Dalan.

Photo by Kati Williams. (lucas) the star details.

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