Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Faux Behind Scenes Video and BIG THANKS!!!

I'm not the type of artist that takes showcasing my work with a grain of salt. When I do it, I do it all the way. Showcasing my Oceania Etherea collection, in conjunction with Gemma Fleming's TWINS animation, at New Faux was no exception. Gemma and I put a lot of work into preparing for this event, and I wanan give a huge shout out and special thanks to her for all her hard work, creative input and collaboration. Gemma Fleming is an amazing person to work with on every level, and brings it 100%. If you ever have the opportunity to do a project with her you cannot pass it up.

Our showcasing at New Faux came together beautifully, after weeks of me making myself insane, depriving myself of sleep, and tweaking the details down to a pinpoint. This is a collection I have been wanting to show since Iceland, and have gone through a world of emotional turmoil, death, life and rebirth with. I was glad to see it finally alive and in action. I was also very happy to showcase the gown I custom made for performance artist Narcissister at New Faux, modeled by the creative and inspiring Narcissister herself.

I want to give a huge and special thanks to everyone involved in this show and who helped make it happen. Also, I want to give a huge special thanks to Kae Burke and House of Yes for providing us with a platform to showcase creatively, and inviting us to be a part of this magical event.

Below is a short behind the scenes documentation shot by model and awesome Papusza muse Eugina Williams. Stay tuned for more great pictures and video of the full Papusza Couture/Gemma Fleming showcase.


  1. Kaytee,
    Sounds like this was a spectacular show, where's the youtube link?! Can't wait to see!