Monday, March 22, 2010

Miss Maleen Dalan to New York Please!!!

Please check out the beautiful works of my lovely friend Maleen Dalan. She is a Norway based menswear designers, and one of my favorite designers at that. She is also an amazingly sweet person. Her menswear is so beautiful and well crafted. It really blows my mind. Please view her complete collections here.

She is currently trying to sell her accessories to raise enough money to come to New York. I am in love with the feathery lovely Shamanic Necklace and Shamanic Feather Earrings, both very affordable! Purchase them and other fantastic designs by Malan Daleen on Etsy here.

I am really hoping for Maleen to be here by May. If she is some garments from her beautiful menswear collection will be included in the installation I am doing with Desideria Adame for the Desire art show at the Chelsea Hotel.

Shamanic Earrings by Maleen Dalan

Shamanic Necklace by Maleen Dalan

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